These Are What Guilty People Do To Ease Their Conscience

Life is interesting, believe me it is. And the most intriguing thing is the fact that we are being governed by some certain laws of nature. For instance, if one defaults whether in an organization or in a certain confined setting, then it’s only inevitable that the aftermath action will be to impose appropriate punishment or sanction on such a person.

And if by any chance the the defaulter doesn’t want to play according to the rules by accepting to being punished, then, he/she will have to maneuver their way either through bribery or any other means available. Sadly today, this has gotten into our matrimonial homes were a spouse after committing a defiling act, tends to cover up their dreadful act by lavishing their partners with what I would term sets of “Uncalled for” gifts.

So in today’s article we’ll be looking at those gifts that guilty spouses give to their partners whenever they are culpable of an offense. And the good thing is that at the end of this write-up, you’ll be able to decipher on when a gift is actually a gift, and when it is a just a gesture of cover up for something mysterious. So without much ado, let’s get to know these gift!


Awkward Kisses

Pardon me, but I’d love to start with this first, as it is always common in most relationships. If in a short notice, your spouse starts giving you kisses at awkward places or awkward times, then something is certainly fishy. Psychologically, that only happens when the subconscious mind of a person tends to make atonement for their mysterious offenses. And sometimes, it also spells out betrayal. So when next he or she gives you an awkward kiss, do cease that opportunity to ask them what’s really going on.


Cinemas at Odd Hours

If your spouse all of a sudden starts investing a colossal of efforts into taking you to watching movies at the cinemas, even when he ought to rest or go for a walk, then something is verily up. For instance, he comes back around at night after a long day at work, and still insists on taking you out to the movies. How strange!


Getting you flowers

Receiving flowers from your spouse is such a beautiful thing until it starts coming at a clumsy sequence and time. Imagine him getting you flowers in a sunny Sunday afternoon, I mean, how awkward!


Collections of Jewelry

Yes, ladies love jewelry and we’d go extra length to getting a man that will meet this part of our needs. But, when you keep getting sets of jewelry collection worth good amounts of money, like almost every weekend, then there is certainly a skeleton in your husband’s cupboard.



Money is the most common way through which guilty spouses use in covering up for their hidden offenses. So, if in a short notice, he starts giving you huge amount of money every single second, with or without asking; in comparison to how he used to, then you better start digging up what’s really popping.

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Undivided Attention

As women, we can’t deny our undying love for a man that is ready to give us all his attention in the world. However, if your husband who barely used to give you attention, instantaneously starts showering you with a great deal of attention. Then chances are that he is trying to hide something from you. He is doing that to have your attention, and at the same time, wade off any opportunity of you finding out what’s actually going on.



Okay, now this is the big one. And it only occurs if the magnitude of the offense is very high. So, if he gets you a car, and soon after asks if you would love to get another, like your some car garage, then he is just trying to please you by all cost in order to take your eyes off the price.

Now, if you take a close look at these gifts there is something very common about them and that is the fact that your spouse will always get you all these gifts at odd times and moments.

So whenever you feel like he is acting a little bit clumsy by giving you gift both tangible and intangible that aren’t really called for at the moment, then he is certainly guilty of something. Just as we said earlier, if a person doesn’t want to dance to the tune of his music, then he’ll have to cut corners!

5 thoughts on “These Are What Guilty People Do To Ease Their Conscience

  • February 7, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    How much will it cost to see the text sms messages and phone calls to my girlfriend. He won’t let me see her phone. Says it’s private . always get on her about being on the phone texting when go out to eat. Will I be able to see all her texts and phone calls? Can you do this for free.?
    Does it cost a lot to do this?
    Without having her phone can I see who she’s calling and texting

  • April 8, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Cheater alaways be cheater they’ll all way get caught!

  • May 8, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    I use to buy my wife flowers and surprise her I was raised by my grandparents was taught never hit a women no matter what and I have always done that on . I was married 25 yrs to my wife Cheryl .19 years ago her friend died in 2000 they where very close she was crying so bad .then she told me they a year before she made love to him and told me she was leaving with him if he did not die. I tried to forgive her after that I had lots of problems now 19 years later I made a dum mistake her in Sevierville Tennessee I thought she was texting another man because she was hiding her texting from me I thought she was I was wrong so I decided to whats good for the goose is good for the gander I started to text 2 women I got caught forgot my phone on easter sunday going to work .my wife found those text she done with me . my worst nightmare happen . those sign you have may tell someone cheats as I said I never slept with any one except her and I bought her flowers and necklaces very rare I never cheated as in with anyone . she of course tell everyone she never did cheat on me but 19 years ago she told me total different story anyway I paid the price by myself now I am alone hate it . thank you rick vokurka

  • May 25, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    My husband of 35 years farmed and worked late many many nights but that’s all a part of farming. But to my surprise was cheating on me and had been for a while. Never actually caught him but never really tried. I was busy raising our children and didn’t really want to know. After our children were grown and gone I caught him cheating. I was not actually there but I had a recorder on our back porch where we had a pool table and felt like she was coming and playing pool with him. She was a nobody and that really hurt me because I do have class about myself. I left him and went home to my mother’s for about 3 weeks. Then he started being so nice to me and was actually saying he was sorry (words he had never spoken before in our entire marriage) could not do enough for me treating me like I had always wanted to be treated so I went back to him but his sweetness only lasted two or three months, long enough to get me back in his arms. I have forgiven him but will never forget. I think about it everyday and it has truly affected our marriage. Once sure sign was he was pushing me away literally if I went to hug him he slowly pushed me away with his hands and never looked me in the eyes a SURE SIGN of a cheater. Never touched me and went from having sex every night to going for 2 and 3 weeks without it. I feel as though he is doing it again. What is width men why do they do this?
    Your sad hurt friend!


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