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3 Celebrity Affairs That Ended In Happily Ever After, Kinda

It seems like every time celebrities get found out for cheating, the media and social media especially blows up in a merciless way. Often times within just 24 hours you’ll see their faces up all over Facebook and Twitter, plastered over tabloid covers and sometimes… who are we kidding here, most all of the time they even wind up on the NEWS and various talk shows.

What exactly is the difference however when we’re talking about something like Tiger Woods did to his wife vs. what Brad Pitt did to Jennifer Aniston? The difference is pretty big when one thinks they’ve found their soul mate, compared to simply wanting to fool around “because they can.”


Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Once upon a time these two were America’s favorite couple. After seven fabulous years together however, they found themselves in the middle of America’s biggest celebrity scandal. It was discovered that People Magazine’s sexiest man alive wasn’t satisfied with being married to one of the most attractive women on the planet anymore. Being that as it may, he then chose to set his sights on someone else.

It was rumored that when Brad and Angelina met on the set of their movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith they wasted no time going at it, paying no attention to the idea that just maybe it would have been a better idea to wait for his and Jen’s divorce back in 2005.

Brand of course denied the rumors and Jen even told Vanity Fair that she believes he remained faithful. Now, though it’s true everything that’s been brought up during that time still remains “just rumors” it’s hard to deny that the chemistry between Brad and Angelina on screen is as spicy as it gets and really hard to think they’re “just acting.”



Fast forward about eleven years, Brad and Angelina are married with a bunch of kids. It seems that Jen had found her true love in Justin Theroux whom she tied the knot with back in 20155. It’s pretty obvious that Jennifer wishes Brad nothing but the best these days by her most recent response to their divorce, and good for her on that. Skip ahead a while and now Brad & Angelina are divorced so it makes you wonder what’s to come next.


Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the fabulous stars who appear on the red carpet in their designer clothes and perfect appearance are actually real people with a past and that means in many cases they come with baggage as most of us do.

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Sure, the photographs and television appearances can help set the stage in our mind that these great actors and celebs are something to aspire to but the reality is that they’re people just like you and me. This is very evident in the case of Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis, whom he was married to for 14 long years.



Rumors have it that Johnny and his current wife Amber Heard, co-star of The Rum Diary, fell hard for each other while filming back in 2009. It wasn’t very long after that when Johnny divorced Vanessa, whom he has two wonderful children with by the way, then shortly after went on to being spotted with Amber on nights out and during the usual celebrity events.

Fast forward a couple years and Johnny & Amber got married, and despite their rather large age gap of 23 years, things seemed to be going really well for a while. It should be noted that there were rumors that Johnny had been cheating on Amber during their first year of marriage, but it’s all left up to speculation to this day.

Jump to the present and I’m sure we’ve all heard about the rather serious falling-out between the couple. Amber, with her posting up pictures of her seemingly battered face, and Johnny pretty much taking a bit of distance from it all. It was crazy but who’s to say where things will go from this point on?


Daniel Moder & Julia Roberts

Julia Robers met Daniel Moder on the set of The Mexican back in 2000. At that time she was dating Benjamin Bratt and things seemed good, but fate had something else in store. It just so happens that during filming of the movie, Daniel, who was actually married at the time simply couldn’t keep his eyes off of the stunning actress and the two wound up falling in love over the craft service table.



Daniel divorced his then wife and wound up marrying Julia on the 4th of July in 2002, in New Mexico. I suppose it’s safe to say the two share something in common for the Southwest, which is kind of cute really. These two have been raising their three children since and living a happy life together, so at least we’ve got one for three folks!


Here’s the deal

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