3 Primary Causes of Infidelity in marital homes

No one ever cares to ask about the cause of infidelity in marriages. Most often than not, we’re always focused on the cheater than what spurred such spouse into doing that. Agreed, there shouldn’t be any cogent reason whatsoever as to why a person should cheat on their spouse. But have you ever sat to wonder as a spouse, have I played my cards as I used to? I mean, let’s not get carried away with the whole marriage thing, these people are still humans, and like humans, they are principles that govern our existence.

You can’t be dressing like Rihanna during courtship and all of a sudden start dressing like a female butcher during the Vietnam war when married, without expecting a response from your spouse. No, things don’t work that way in the path of marriage. And so, for the purpose of this article, we’ll be looking at some of the causes of infidelity in marital homes and proffer possible solutions on how it could be tackled.

However, before we proceed, we’d love to clear the air here. No one is trying to justify the act of infidelity, rather, we are pointing out the pitfalls that sparks up infidelity in marital homes and how it can be solved into preventing further occurrences in homes. That being said, what are some of these causes?



Every other reason that causes infidelity in marriages always traces back to effort. There is nothing as bad as when couples fail to make efforts towards themselves and in keeping the marriage. In any case, where this happens, infidelity becomes inevitable. I mean, if a man knows that the wife is exuding a lackadaisical attitude towards their marriage, he wouldn’t have to think twice before going intimate with another lady.

The same goes for the woman. So, in order to prevent such an occurrence, once you notice that your partner isn’t putting much effort into the marriage, don’t join suite, rather, make more effort into keeping it alive, and eventually, they will be revived again. Just picture marriage as a race ran by two people, where one gets tired, helps the other get back up, and the race continues. Where most people fail is in relenting effort whenever they notice the other partner slowly retreating. No! If that happens, then such a union is already as good as dead, and infidelity is going to be the order of the day.

This also covers the area of attraction for ladies. Keep dressing hot and sexy for your man at home, men love that. If you stop exerting effort into looking hot for him, trust me, he won’t tell you to, but his eyes will start looking outside. So in a nutshell, for the ladies, always make efforts towards your looks, your man and the marriage. And for the men, endeavor to keep your marriage and wife happy. That way, they won’t be any room for infidelity issues.


Internet Influence

The Internet no doubt has caused so many infidelity issues in marital homes today. Can you count the number of online dating sites we have today with just an easy sign-up click? Or can you count the tons of adult advert that floods our phones and pc even without our consent? This and many more contribute to why most men sleep with women other than their wives today.

Still, this can be controlled in a matured manner. And the only way to avoid this with your spouse is by having a talk on it. Bring it to the table for you guys to discuss, and make it clear that it won’t be accepted for such a thing to occur in your marriage. After having that conversation, you’ll be surprised at how much better both of you will feel, even to the extent of watching adult movies together without any feeling of insecurity.

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If you are married for the wrong reasons, whether it’s money, body or sex, then infidelity is certain in such a union. So, before you get married, ensure that you don’t only like the person as a friend and lover, but that you’ll be willing to spend the rest of your life with such a person. If you marry for the right reasons, then infidelity will never have to be addressed in your marriage.

Infidelity only occurs when people fail to make effort towards keeping their marriages, married for the wrong reasons or are being influenced by what they see on the Internet. If all of these 3 things are addressed properly in a marital home, then they would never have to worry about the word “infidelity”.

3 thoughts on “3 Primary Causes of Infidelity in marital homes

  • January 14, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    Do you consider cheating when your boyfriend who is 54 and starts talking to a women who is thirty years old and lives 2000 miles away.but is in a relationship with me who is 51.and she sends him skin flux of her self to him and he puts these 25 pictures in his phone.and she texts him telling him she would get him a train ticket to mossourie and they could take bubble baths and do naughty stuff.and he constantly looks at her pictures.i can’t talk to any men he gets mad and I’m not allowed to have any men pictures in my phone .if I do I get accused of having sex with them

    • February 19, 2019 at 4:14 pm

      most definitely is cheating, sounds like he wants the cake and the icing..

    • April 13, 2019 at 8:36 am

      I suggest u either let him cheat in piece because dear he is mentally cheating which is worst than physical… lay down the law if not you risk the young girl taking your man…also are u a doormat?


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