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Are These The Biggest Cheats In Hollywood Ever?

We all know the celebs in tinsel town live pretty full lives for the most part and thanks to their careers they tend to meet quite a few people. It would happen to chance that on occasion some of these actors would bump into someone who simply strikes their fancy- even if they’re already attached. First on the list…


Kristen Stewart


When the Twilight series hit the scene Bella & Edward’s forbidden romance stole the hearts of tweens across the land. Things were a bit different off-screen however as their romance was a lot rockier in real life. Turns out Krisen had cheated on her then co-star Robert Pattinson with another celebrity figure- Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. This begs one question… is Kristen the fairest and possibly biggest cheat of them all?


Larry King

The famous talk show anchor has had himself quite the eccentric love life; he’s been married eight times to seven women. This list includes a playboy bunny whom he actually got married to and then divorced twice, his high school sweetie, and Shawn Southwick who was his 7th wife. The unfortunate part about wife number seven happened when Shawn alleged that the talk show anchor had cheated on her with her little sister no-less. And to think that all this went down after Shawn had bragged that she was the only wife to have lasted into the “double digits”.

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Jude Law & Sienna Miller


These two had been dubbed the “British power couple” until they hit the tabloids hard back in 2005 for the affair Jude had with his nanny. The irony comes onto the scene once it was found out that Sienna was actually doing her own thing with the star of James Bond, Daniel Craig. Following that whole thing Jude then went on to spawn a love child with a model by the name of Samantha Burke. Is your head spinning yet?


Brad Pitt

We now travel from the nation across the pond to the good ol’ USA where the State’s own power couple met tabloid turmoil once it was alleged that Brad Pitt was taking his steamy chemistry off the screen and into real life with his famous co-star Angelina Jolie. The couple has since moved on starting separate families of their own but if you ask anyone who’s a fan to this day they just might wind up still holding a grudge on the starlet’s behalf… go team Angie!


Ben Affleck

Ben was rumored to have picked up a few strippers in a Vancouver club during the time he was engaged to super star Jennifer Lopez which prompted her to call said engagement off. On the other side of that, turns out J-Lo’s ex, Cris Judd said that she had it coming because apparently she was actually still married to Judd when began seeing Ben Affleck. I guess if you want to credit Ben with one thing it’s that he’s consistent. It was later rumored that Ben cheated on his other Jennifer- Jen Garner with the star of Gossip Girl, Blake Lively and Gone Girl star Emily Ratajkowski.


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