Evidence for Catching Cheaters & How to Confront Them

Suspicions Confirmed

Somewhere along the line, you realized your spouse or partner was cheating. This is one of the world’s worst realizations and the terrible part is that you’re faced with the options of 1) just leaving at these suspicions, which is difficult because this is a person you love 2) allowing it to continue, or 3) finally confronting the person about it.

The last I personally recommend because of the satisfaction in the ousting process. It is an unbelievable feeling when you get to point out how they have no where to go for excuses and no way of smooth talking another lie to cover it up. It doesn’t make the pain of the previous months of suffering go away but it is empowering.

The art of making a goal, following through and watching it come full circle. That’s what we’re doing here, helping you make it come around to a full circle. Let’s see how the cheater likes being lied to and deceived. I guarantee they don’t appreciate their privacy being invaded or realizing how closely they could be monitored and not even realize it. 

Conclusive Evidence

So there are two types of proof, and if you have enough conclusive evidence, it is just as good as physical proof. What you’re looking for with conclusive proof is something that eliminates any shadow of a doubt. A text that says “I love you babe” or anything with a higher maturity rating. Text messages that include racy photos or anything noting that the context needed to be changed because you were nearby would also be a red flag. How do you get this sort of proof? It’s actually pretty easy. Technology has definitely helped out the cheaters with finding new hook ups and hideouts but it’s helped far more for those looking to catch a cheater. Tracking and monitoring are your ‘go to’ options for proving that something is up. 


One Stop Proof

Your one stop proof is to establish that there have been a series of lies, and that the only distinguishable answer is them seeing someone outside of the relationship. You want text messages, social media accounts, images, photos that are otherwise hidden. Gone are the days that your husband taking a call from a number you didn’t recognize would raise suspicion. Now you can obtain access to the entire background of those text messages, online social profiles, or the interactions they’re having on other social networks you never heard of. No guess work, or supposing what they must be up to. It’s plain and present.

The best way to get detailed information on these hidden gems is to conduct an email search: CLICK HERE TO TRY IT!


Another way to get proof is in the form of apps. This is really convenient because everyone has one and they’re never without their mobile device. Every device now is GPS tracking enabled and many apps work to record this data and report it to you. There are also a number of apps like Teen Safe that allow you to view virtually everything on their phone. Never be prompted to quickly ravage through their messages while the cheater is in another room and has access to it at your leisure.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence is that once in a lifetime, as seen on TV play out of the wife catching the husband cheating. So short of walking in on your significant other and the mysterious other in the act, there’s a small amount of proof that is absolutely irrefutable.


Many spy shops and online stores have hidden cameras that appear and function as everyday objects that video record your home. If the wife seems to be tidying up in the bedroom and there are fresh sheets down quite often then it might be a good idea to put in a video camera alarm clock. You’ll have full video access to everything that’s happening within the camera’s view at any point in time.

There are also applications for mobile devices such as My Truth Spy that record ambient sounds. Some noises are pretty indistinguishable and we’re pretty sure you could pick out your partner’s, fun times sounds, from most others. If he brings into question as to where it was obtained feel free to inform him that it was on his phone. 


This, I’ve heard of in movies as I’m sure we all have and once in real life! I’m really excited about the real life thing. So, a great new advancement of today’s development is that these cheaters are not trying to cover up one receipt… but many. That’s right, hotels, rent a cars, even tons of restaurants are doing it now. When you check into a hotel, even a slummy one, they usually not only give you a paper receipt but also send one to your email. These same hotels require you pay with a credit card that can be setup to have alerts when purchases are made or confirmed.

This is brilliant. You could be sitting at home and suddenly, *ding* a credit card that has yours and your spouse’s names on it has alerted you that you’ve made a purchase. There’s no way to explain away a hotel room when they’re supposed to be at work is there?


This is possibly the most terrifying part of the whole process. It was scary in the beginning when you didn’t know what you would find. Now you have to tell him. Be direct, but also be an adult. Be in a public place, you never know what can happen when someone’s hidden so much of their life from you. Most importantly, let him know that he’s been caught. Not that you know he’s been fooling around, but that he has been caught cheating.

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Don’t Be Talked Down

These guys, or girls… they’re smooth talkers. First, you fell in love with them, their words and behaviors. Then, their words and behaviors hurt you, so don’t listen to anything they have to say that sounds like their trying to backtrack or talk you down. Many start out not being defensive, because that’s clearly a sign of confirmation. “Hey honey, you know I wouldn’t do that. Why don’t you calm down.” or the famous “I’m not dignifying that, I can’t believe you would accuse me of cheating”. Well this is why it’s important to let them know they’ve been caught, you’re not accusing anything; you’re confirming something with evidence.

7 thoughts on “Evidence for Catching Cheaters & How to Confront Them

  • October 16, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Will this show the deleted text messages so I can read them? I already have the number of the person but would like to see the conversation.

    • February 11, 2016 at 9:37 pm

      or lack of wealth has nointhg to do with narcissism. does not define The issue is not the fact that they cheat even though it causes major damage to the relationship. Believe it or not, there are worse things

  • December 31, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    I remember when I thought I wanted to know who, what, when, where, but when I did see it I wished I hadn’t. I loved him so much, I love him still, but he loved another. Thirteen years I gave all of me to that man. I dont know what broke my heart more? The fact that I was no longer what he yearned for, or that this man who I would have died for betrayed what I held as sacred. I live minute by minute now, breaking down crying at any given one. But I know that this too shall pass, but in the meantime,, while picking up the pieces of my broken heart, I have to remind myself to breath.

    • April 13, 2017 at 9:45 pm

      Sandra I feel your pain your not alone I am also going through the same thing. Your comment just about sums up my situation also. As you said this will pass. I’m hoping the pain doesn’t drag on. I have to learn how to let go and to forgive myself as far as forgiving him that’s on the back burner for now. Take care and and take it one day at a time. Cheaters like them are not real men they are selfish cowards . You and I deserve so much better than that you need to remember that. Hang in there !!

  • September 12, 2017 at 10:49 am

    I have been going out of my mind obsessing over all the contradictions. One minute he is proactive, always taking my calls and responding to text messages. Then suddenly he starts sounding irritated that I’m calling, has a million and one excuses, and when I question this he gets defensive saying he cant be with someone who doesn’t trust him. I have broken up several times with him over my gut feelings and his reactions to simple questions. And every time he manages to call or text, days later, when he knows I’m missing him. He has a second cell phone, “for business”, but a year and a half later still wont give me the number, even incase for emergency purposes. Biggest issue is I have never loved any so deeply. When were alone everything goes away. I have been very sick lately, I get waves of nausea, start to shake, sweat, with an overwhelming doom feeling. He makes me think I’m crazy, either by being over loving, or cold and cruel, and when I wont stand down, he goes MIA. I don’t know how to catch him. Each time we get back together I tell myself, what am I doing and think He wont leave me alone, I have asked over and over and even tried to be really over the top to make him hate me, but he keeps calling me all sweet sounding like he needs me. All I want to do at this point is get the proof I need so I have something solid to know when I walk away forever, it was not because I’m crazy but because what my gut and health are telling me is true.

  • October 24, 2018 at 10:39 am

    How do I know which app is the best. Are there any free trials.

    I am looking for a system file or apk I can install and hide. He is good with tech and always restores his phone to a previous point. I want to be able to know he can’t take it off with ease, and that he won’t know it was me.

    He never puts my mind at ease. He just wants to know “who said they know me, who said they saw me, who told you that and what exactly is it that you think I did?” I used to Snoop so I remember seeing certain girls. But all I can remember is like big boobs, eyebrow peircing, or I’ll see our Toyota at this same house after or even durring work. It’s on a farm. So when I say ” it’s not the cheating, dull, irritated attitude, never saying anything positive towards me, magically making everything somehow sound like my fault. it’s the fact that you can and have lied to my face non stop without loosing any sleep. And that you will lie to me. Because I will say I believe you. ( Better than you getting annoyed and leaving me because you don’t deserve being attacked or accused.)

    He will tell me to stop coming to him with every little thing I think we could work on to make our connection solid. Because naturally, he wants praise not to be “wrongfully” accused.

    So I hold it all in. I ignore what my eyes show me. And when I’m bitter and almost numb to his presence so I don’t feel the pain if betreyal. He tells me ” I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE OR IM KILLING US BECAUSE I DONT TRUST HIM”

    4 months living under the same roof as my boyfriend sleeping next to one another, and I get broken up with for the most rediculous excuse (anything he can use) every two weeks. For just enough time so he can see if a girl from tinder is gonna stand him up or sleep over. I only know of one girl he had in our bed after kicking me out, he can’t lie to me. I know what it looks like and I know what it means to flip out on a person who smiled at a car passing questioning why they smiked at that car, think this and that starts the sneaky shady accusations… GUILT. But no matter what. I will always convince myself I believe him or that it’s no big deal, hoping he has an excuse in the back of my mind so theres a chance I’m wrong. The only time he’s ever admitted a lie after hed been given 30 + opportunities to come clean, is when I have it right there in front of his face when he thought he hid all the evidence. I need to show him what uncertainty does and how just knowing what is truth and what is a lie is more than good enough to put my mind at ease. Oh and that IM NOT CRAZY.

    I am your exclusive girlfriend for almost half a year when you decide to finally tell me about the herpies you’ve had for 3 years. That I now have. “Nbd everyone’s got em” apparently that should make me feel ok about not being aware that I was making a life changing choice. That he didn’t finally start taking our relationship seriously and “stop” trying to date other girls while convincing me we were exclusive and on the road to an eventual family.

    I’m sorry that now you think I’m sour because when you get home from work and run in the shower right away, or wash your own clothes, or all of a sudden forbid me from entering your car…. I look at you, shake my head, assume you’re still trying to find another human to play with while convincing me I’m crazy and unappriciative of his “hard ;)… Work” and yes he’ll actually wink. Maybe I’m just sensitive but it’s traumatizing to me when you’re saying no in a sarcastic way that makes me feel like whether or not you’re betraying our commitment… You WANT ME TO have the anxiety and pain that comes with not trusting you. I don’t hide for people to think I’m cool. I’m me and sometimes ya I will look like a crazy because I am so sure I’m not incapable of being a sane functioning member of society that I will look under the Hummer, open closets, and openly have parinoa about us, knowing that you do whatever you can to trick me into a situation where one neighbor sees me as a nagging wife oh poor hard working guy just got home. I don’t wait on yard work for my neighbors to be home so they can see me mow my lawn. And watch the grazy girlfriend give the cold shoulder because she just found lipstick on your mouth that apparently was from me even though I hadn’t worn lip anything in months. I lost myself here. I have no friends because I’m too parinoed that my bf will try to turn them against me and on top of him. Or that he will at least try to convince me my friend wants so badly to just be with him.

    Maybe I am crazy, maybe he just has underlining issued, maybe we can work it out, or finally end it, but I will never know unless I have the proof and pc of mind. I just don’t know of any files or ways to Snoop. So I just live blindly in the dark with my mind creating what’s going on alone in my head.

  • February 8, 2019 at 3:57 am

    Your not alone I’m living a lie also with a narssasist lier I’ve even found panties that her tried to tell me they were mine and even stripper out fit that he told me that I didn’t know what I wS bringing in their cheaters and liers and sex addicts that will screw anything walking they don’t care who they hurt all for a one niter that’s the truth


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