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When You Suspect a Cheater

The worst realization anyone in a relationship can have is that you have lost the trust you once had, and now suspect an affair or even a one-time thing. Either way, you think your significant other is a cheater. There’s plenty out there, more than anyone would like to ever imagine. So while cheaters are running amuck there is a group of people out there working to bring them to light and uncover their lies.

The superheroes of relationships, cheaters Spy shops. Aside from the fun that this sounds, if you weren’t in a terrible situation, most of these shops are staffed with people that are super helpful. Working to assist you in obtaining truthful information that will either confirm or deny your beliefs. They also understand the limit of the laws in protecting the privacy of device users and attempt to work in the least invasive ways possible. The idea is that you want to get information you need, where as lots of times trying to conduct your own home brewed investigation gives you tons of useless information.

What Equipment to Look For

We love spy equipment, and it takes a little bit away from the despair of suspecting your spouse of cheating when you get to setup things like alarm clock hidden cameras. That’s right, an alarm clock with a hidden camera. See what time that sneak is actually getting home and in to bed when he’s “working late”. Or watch as the wife meanders around the house in the day and who she’s with.

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Cameras are a great way to monitor activity around the house, and have a number of disguises. We’ve heard terrible stories of someone finding out their spouse was cheating from video caught on nanny cams. That isn’t an urban legend, if you suspect your spouse is messing around and in your house, it’s time to see what they’re up to.

GPS trackers are also a popular choice, as they allow you to track their vehicle when they conveniently leave their phone off or at home. GPS tracking has come a long way. It’s also one of the easiest methods to use to prove whether someone is being truthful in being where they say they are. Cheaters constantly lie about who they’re speaking with and where they’re going. Disproving the where question is definitely the most difficult because of how well they can cover their tracks. 

Online Shops

Speaking of covering tracks, be cautious in using credit cards, and using online stores that will

result in having packages arrive. Any cheater will be on the look out always to see if you’re catching on. As soon as they pick up that you’ve started any process of questioning they’ll just get better at hiding it and make your task more difficult. Online websites usually have a much better selection, especially if you’re not in a bigger city. I highly suggest shipping whatever you order to a friends house and charging to a credit card or account that your spouse monitors. That way you don’t turn yourself into a liar while trying to cover up charges.

Ratings on Paid For Applications

If you find yourself paying for an application for a phone or other mobile device, read as many reviews as you can before purchasing. Many apps have sporadic problems with bugs or can be difficult to hide from the user of the device. This is just a blaring red flag to your spouse if they’re getting notifications that an app called “SMS tracker pro” stopped working. There are apps that are rated very highly and we recommend such as Teen Safe and My Truth Spy. My Truth is a little more expensive but the accuracy and expanse of information that is delivered is unbelievable.

There are a number of free applications also that work really well, just remember to check out all of the reviews. You’ll find some angry teenagers reviewing on how they found out the app was on their phone, which will be great insight for you. 

Buying Software Online

Another word of caution is to watch what software you’re purchasing. If it’s not from an online Spy store for cheaters that has physical products and a customer service number… then you might want to think twice before you make a purchase. There’s lots of great software out there, many from reputable sources specifically to meet the needs of those trying to catch a cheating spouse.

Stay away from sites that link you to the site from a banner ad. Also stay away from anything that has attached downloads such as when a download asks if it’s okay to make changes to your toolbar or install extra things like a search bar. These are often, but not always malicious to your computer or the computer you’re installing it on.

Cheater spy shops are the way to go for all the things you could need to catch a cheater. We wouldn’t stray from these reliable suppliers.

Where to Find a Cheater Spy Shop

There’s often a small kiosk in most malls of small time spy equipment. This is really for kids that want to play James Bond over the summer and not the quality you want for your investigation. If you live close to any busy city, you’ll probably have one with quality equipment. The best thing about venturing into one of these shops is the knowledgeable staff. Often, they can walk you through setting up the equipment on your own and what would work best for your situation. This is a sure-fire way to make sure you’re actually getting what you’re paying for.

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These spy shops enable you also to pay cash as we mentioned with the reverse monitoring with ordering online. You can also immediately install and rid yourself of any evidence of your purchase. This is definitely the most discreet way to bring equipment into your investigation. By doing this, you are conducting your monitoring in a way that won’t alert your spouse of your suspicions. Making the entire process easier for you!

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