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Here Are Gifts Guilty People Buy To Make You Forget About It

Suspicious behavior is prone to sneaking around while doing things that you just shouldn’t be. It’s possible that someone you’re seeing just might fall into this pattern and in the middle of it are the gifts they give to make themselves feel better by putting a temporary smile on your face, even if just for a moment.

It’s possible that you may not receive tangible gifts but instead get that extra special treatment from them for a while after their repeated “incidences”. The key here is to just know what is normal behavior for them and what’s out of the norm.


Spontaneous jewelry


If you’re getting this gift from them it’s probably something major, so watch out. This could even be something bought in a pair, one for you and one for the mistress! Keep a watchful eye out if you happen to get a lovely new pair of earrings “just because” or if that sparkly something you’ve been eyeing in through the glass magically ends up in your possession.


Designer (expensive) handbags

This might mean that your significant other lost a bunch of money on that trip to Vegas and now they want to splurge the last remains in some attempt to salvage the upcoming verbal lashing they’re expecting in the future. Gifts like this one are a pretty open sign that there’s guilt stemming from something they dun messed up on and now they want to make up for it by bribing you.

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The lavish spa-treatment


If you get an offer to go to the spa or some other temporary retreat which will get you out of the house for a significant portion of the day then chances are that is the intended purpose- to get you out of the house. It’s basically a really backhanded way of saying “honey, do you mind leaving for a few hours so I can tend to some business.”

What sort of business that might be can only be left to speculation but It might be safe to say you’ll want to get to the bottom of why exactly the sudden special treatment.


Spontaneous dinner by candle light

Let’s set the mood with a little bit of romance and some good wine. This is a pretty good opportunity to spill the beans about something that’s been on their mind and you just might wind up hearing all about it in a drunken, stumbled speech.


Rich & fancy chocolates


This is just a blatant bribe to get you to forget about any previous strikes they’ve got on the score board. It’s hard to keep upset with someone who brings you something so deliciously yummy and they’re counting on that. It is important to say at this point that pretty much everything on this list should be taken in context. You don’t want to go on any suspicions when there’s no actual reason for them. If the occasion calls for gifts of these sorts, or even if your partner is just known for doing things like this on the regular then it’s probably fairly safe to say that these tips do not apply to them and your relationship. Just throwing that out there.


Oversized bouquet of flowers (especially roses)

These things might show up (possibly at work) in the unlikely event that they’ve forgotten some special occasion such as an anniversary or your birthday. Nothing important about the day you came into this world after all, not like it’s a big deal or anything… pfft.


Random vacation to some exotic location

I’ve just got to say it again. If this is the type of thing that happens on the regular then there’s probably nothing to consider here. However, if it’s not then this just might be a possible indication that your significant other is up to no good. They might even be planning on taking somebody else to that exact same retreat on some “business trip” in the near future; you just can’t be too sure.


Unearthing the real truth

Let’s talk practicality here for just a minute. Obviously many of our loved ones want to shower us in good feels and happiness. Sometimes the way this is done is by gift giving, nothing wrong with that at all. The thing we want to consider in all this is that the things we talked about up there are only red flags in the appropriate contexts.

If you have reasons to suspect someone you’re with of foul play then I’ll keep it super simple. Take a quick visit to THIS LINK HERE.

What you’re going to find are a set of very handy tools you can use to help track down any shady activities going on which will hopefully give you something solid to stand on when considering confronting them about matters.

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7 thoughts on “Here Are Gifts Guilty People Buy To Make You Forget About It

  • Grace Ferrante

    I know there is someone et lse he wont admit to it i literaly have to catch them together he continues to string me along why? I ask does he realize how cruel this is my feeling dont matter to him i cant believe all the years we have been together she is more important to him some hoe he met on line one of those fuck sites excuse my languge

    • Michelle Sosa

      I’m in the same situation i don’t want to think I dont know exactly because i have no proof but my gut tells me other i tend to mix my gut feelings and emotions

  • My problem with my girlfriend is when we text each other it’s good for a while and then she stops replying back for more than five or ten minutes, and I ask why it’s always she fell asleep or she went to the bathroom, but I’m not a total fool

    • Stephanie

      My piece of shit boyfriend does the same thing. Karma is a bitch. He’ll get his.

      • Mine too. And as we all know n have always heard in the past, if u feel it in ur gut then go with it… And I’ve come to find out that this is very very true. Especially if u have been with the person for a long period of time.

        • Your are totally correct about that I always feel it in my gut and turns out to be correct every time

  • Michelle Sosa

    This is very sad i have been with my husband for 8 years going on 9 and I have never had doubts about him until 1 year ago when he started working more and more and his dumb lies and my money started missing and I’m very sad because I don’t trust him wasted 8 of my entire years but yet again ur head is ir worst enemy what if I’m wrong what if he’s not its the reason y I don’t accuse him usually I will find things out because of his email fb etc. Nothing comes out no more Idk what to do am I going crazy


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