Here Is Something Every Stay At Home Mom Needs

With enough overtime put into raising children, possibly taking care of the usual tasks that go along with keeping a home, not to mention the what could be countless hours of watching children’s shows it’s easy to see why every single mom who does her work inside the home needs a way to connect to the outside, adult world.


1. Get yourself a hobby just for you

Do you even remember the last time you’ve done something for you just because you wanted to? I don’t mean because it was an errand, or simply something that needed to be done, but because you legitimately wanted to!

Thing back a few months and tell me if the majority of your memories involve cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids and all that fun stuff. If you answered yes then you my dear need to get yourself a dang hobby and do it soon.



There is no need to get into something way over the top; I’m not saying you need to suddenly become a world traveler just to lead a fulfilling life. Simply taking care of a good home can be super fulfilling and raising wonderful children who will grow up to be awesome adults is just… there’s nothing that compares.

What I am talking about however is the simple idea that incorporating something that you add to your usual routine which helps take your mind off the other stuff for a while is good for the soul. Start a garden, take up something neat you saw on YouTube that you’d like to try, become the best damn pastry chef you can possibly be- it really doesn’t matter what you choose, just do something for crying out loud.


2. Take a break wherever possible if needed

This would be the point where I say something witty like “variety is the spice of life so your life might be like a plane baked potato” but that’s just lame so let’s get right into the point here, shall we?

This goes back to not really needing to do anything too crazy, just find some neat stuff you can do that’ll open up new and/or fascinating experiences. You could even bring the family along if you wanted.. I mean, if you really wanted to then just make this sort of stuff a sort of family trip!

Check out local event calendars online, search local directories for stuff you could do, anything at all from free concerts to nature walks, even museums and art events. It’s all worth doing and to tell you the truth here, these sorts of things can be super entertaining and even enlightening in ways if you give them a shot.


3. Have some actual fun with your children

I know, I know. This one is like “no duh captain obvious” but check this out. So many times us parents make everything we do with or for our kids an absolute grind and it just doesn’t have to be that way.



Even if you need to set aside some extra time in the day to play video games with them for a bit of fun bonding time then do it! Chances are they might absolutely school you at first but hey, video games are fun as hell and if you play them enough you might find a few that the whole family can enjoy together.

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4. Get together with some old friends or neighbors

We weren’t always parents, am I right. I bet you no doubt remember those buddies you used to spend time with, getting up to no good and doing what we all inevitable do at some point in life… party!

Hit them up on Facebook or something; see if you can arrange a friendly meet up for some coffee or whatever. I can bet you that a quick chat about their life will give you a solid perspective on your own and might even put an extra pep in your step that your latte could never do!


Some friendly advice for all you moms out there

If you find the days just last too long and you don’t know what to do with yourself then it’s definitely time to break out of the monotony and find a little spice to toss on that potato of life.

Let your partner know that you’re at a sticking point and potentially about to go out of your mind. Find ways to bring the family together if possible and even if everyone is off doing their own thing, don’t worry about that too much, you all share your lives in one home and are a unit.

Find new friends you can share common things with- we can all use friends sometimes after all. It might be a good idea to do a bit of checking on them if you wind up meeting up with people from around the internet however.


Here is a great resource to look up just about anyone if you want to learn more about them.

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