How Private Detectives Catch Cheaters

You catch them on a call and they act very suspicious once they see you. The come home smelling like someone different. They just begin acting ‘stranger than usual’ over all and you don’t quite know why?

If you’re suspicious that your partner is cheating on you yet you don’t have quite enough evidence to back it up then you’re in the right place.

We’re going to go over some techniques used by private investigators who specialize in catching a cheating spouse so you can take it right to them after you’ve got undeniable proof… or let your mind rest easy once it’s discovered those suspicions were just that and nothing is really going on.


Understand the law

Though we’d all love the freedom to just do what it takes to get to the bottom of things, the fact of the matter is that we live in a society with rules and laws. It’s important to not forget that there are certain human rights laws which allow for limited surveillance under particular conditions.

Something important which was brought up is that it’s perfectly legal to snoop on a man in order to protect one’s emotional well being, but it’s not at all legal to do this for financial gain. Lucky for us, we’re dealing with the first one.

Now, we must give a little disclaimer here and that is… We are under no circumstances giving you permission to break the law, nor are we even encouraging it. Doing so will not only put you in jeopardy but it could also affect your family and career. If you need to, then we’d highly recommend consulting with a lawyer first before proceeding with anything else you read in the following text of this article.


Bug their vehicle

This one pushes the envelope a bit which is why we list it here above the other suggestions below. There are very strict rules in place when it comes to gathering evidence in this way. You’ll need to check into local laws but in many cases it’s legal to place a tracking device on the outside of the car, so long as it won’t affect the vehicle’s performance in some way.

If you do decide to place that little bug on the inside of the vehicle you do risk legal action against you and we simply don’t want that.


Use a “honey-trap”

This one is more for those who are involved with the “player type” and suspect they may be playing the field when out of the home and can’t quite pin it to that cheater just yet.

The idea is simple… set up a situation where a “trap” is introduced to your partner and then test them over time to see how they react and if they take the bait or not. The trick to this is making it unobvious because in today’s age of the camera-phone it’s way too easy to catch evidence and chances are high that your partner knows this and will be on their best behaviour if they even for a second small a trap.


Look for the side-piece’s social profile

This one sounds simple to do but chances are if you try to do this yourself you’ll wind up spending days or weeks hunting for a ghost. That said, for anyone interested in giving it a shot, here’s how it’s done.

You need to get the phone number of whomever it is your partner is sneaking around with. If you’d like a really good idea of one method to do this then have a look at this article right here.

How do you get what  you need


Look for the section talking about using their phone because you’ve lost your own.

Once you’ve managed to get a list of suspect phone numbers off their contact list you can do a reverse-phone number search and find out who those numbers really belong to. Armed with a name and number and quite possibly a location you can take to the internet and start looking for this other person and maybe you’ll get a chance to spot suspicious activity.

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On the other-hand, you may want to let a professional service do all the hard work for you in which case you may want to try the following services.



You can use the link above to help you find  who those suspicious phone numbers really belong to.



The link above will let you do a search on any name and location which could lead to more helpful information just in case you wind up needing it.

Something you could always try doing is searching Facebook with the phone numbers you’ve found off your partner’s phone just in case it leads to anything that looks like it could help you catch them cheating. Just be sure to not become a stalker and do your best not to harass anybody, especially if you’re not absolutely sure that individual is snoozing with your partner or not.

4 thoughts on “How Private Detectives Catch Cheaters

  • June 7, 2017 at 3:49 am

    I find that when he does something wrong and I come right out and say it to him he cheated because of his actions towards me when he comes home. He becomes nasty will say why are your lips red and chapped? What have you been doing? It’s so obvious as to what he’s been doing but still will deny it. My father was a cheater,so I grew up with it in my household . I know the obvious signs and can spot them in a split second. He’ll say I love you I’m not cheating then I busted him. Now it’s your not going to let it go. Why would I when you continue. The only thing I’m letting go of is him. I want to tap his phone and I really don’t care about the reproccussions.

  • November 17, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    Unfortunately, ive tried them all, from the weakest to the strongest for the best information of the truth he never admitted, confessed, or apologized for in the least. There was no need. I know the truth. The hardest part of my very painful 6 yr search wasnt being 800 miles from him, the hardest part were the times we were together. Id visit him for 3-4 wks at a time, 3-4 times a yr. & it was as exhausting as it was exhilarating. I prayed for my gut to be wrong for 10 long sad & wasted yrs. Im still in love with him but ive come to my senses & walked away, dry eyed for now at least, knowing without a shadow of a doubt im doing whats best for me. It is better to be lonely & alone than to be pathetic & played. I just turned 60, hes 65 & soon as he retired, instead of riding a white horse 800 miles to whisk me away to live out the dreams he promised of far away cruises & countries, i became the fool on the mule still 800 miles away from his lying narcisstic self. But. Im moving on. Head held high, & i Will prosper, ive learned to always trust my gut and at least 2 cheaters apps. Anyone want to buy a well broke mule?

  • June 17, 2019 at 11:08 pm

    I have read a lot of advise on how to catch a cheater, and i’ve been working really hard at trying to catch my significant other. I;m almost there. Here are a couple of tricks that I have learned.
    1. Start a journal immediately. The best ones are online where know one can access it. Write down as much detail as you can including times when they come home or go somewhere. This is especially good for people who don’t live together. write down when and on what nights the text stop between the two of you. What you will begin to see is that on certain nights they will cut off the text between the two of you earlier than others. Remember that the person they are cheating with has a schedule, and there are only certain times that they can get free. For people dating and living apart, Monday nights are usually the easiest because you see each other on the weekend and Monday is time off night. For guys going over to their Girls Apartment. Wipe the toilet clean, Then check it the next time you go over to see if there are any stains. Also look at the sheets side ways for stains, and write down when the sheets are being changed. Once again you will start to see a pattern. For women going to their guys place. Check the liquor. Take a picture of the level. write it in the journal.
    Women and men can also check the lube levels. Once again take a picture write it down. then delete the pictures. Remember, they can be the best cheaters out there but eventually their cheating partner is going to screw up. They will leave a charger, sunglasses, ear ring, something. One more thing. check the channel when you put the Tv on. If you go to your girlfriends and you turn on the tv and it is some violent channel that she never watches or if you go to your boyfriends and its on the romance radio channel then you know somethings fishy. Look on Netflix to see what was watched and if any Movies say continue watching. If its something out of their watching style then somethings up. Also look for that other tooth brush and feel if it is wet/ They usually take a day to dry, if you and her didn’t use it.

  • September 21, 2019 at 11:34 pm

    Mine is complicated, h s very computer tv and phone savy.he goes on text now and free calling and text pics all thru other sites names and numbers he denied so I didn’t pay his service this month but still has VoIP numbers. Did names under fb Pinterest Reddit Skype duo my SMS ect


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