How To Find Out If She’s Lying To You RIGHT NOW!

Marriage ought to be a mutual investment where both parties make efforts towards each other. And if by any chance one party relaxes, no matter the degree of effort exuded by the other, chances are that it’s only a matter of time before such a union hits rock bottom. And because of this, there has been this erroneous aphorism that marital issues are always orchestrated by the men in marriages.

So today, we have decided to turn the table towards the ladies in marital homes. Now, as a husband it is your duty to give and treat your wife with love and care. However, if you keep trying your best to ensure this and it seems like you’re just building castles in the air, then I’d suggest you start taking a closer look at what’s really happening.

From past marital issues, the bedrock of most problems always stems down to “lies”. Once lies sets in a relationship, then such a union is doomed to fail. So, how do you know if she is lying to you? This we will get to find out as we further in this article.

One thing we have to note is that, lies comes with its own attributes. So, if she does any of these, then she is probably lying to you!


Contradicts her statements

Not only in ladies, but whenever a person lies, if asked on two occasions the same question, they tend to contradict themselves. So, if she tells you she is going to the grocery store, then some minutes later when asked again says she is heading to the makeup store or to see a friend. Then chances are that she is lying to you.


Eye Contact

Although this isn’t really applicable to all the ladies, but at least for those who still have their conscience alive, if she starts lying to you, she will always try to avoid long eye contact with you. If she keeps doing this, then she is probably up to something or she is lying to you about something.


High Pitched Response

This is an inevitable lie detector. If someone lies or is lying to you, the tone of such a person will either be too low or too high. For ladies, the later is often the case. So, if you asked her about something like on her whereabout in the the most polite of manners, and she flares up with a respond every time you ask, then chances are that her responses are cooked up. Very far from the truth. Women tend to reply this way either when you don’t ask questions politely, or she isn’t in a good mood. However, if you ask her such a question politely and when she isn’t in a bad mood and the response is still in a high pitch tone, then she is lying!



Okay, we all give excuses both in our marital lives and otherwise. But when it starts compounding one after the other, like she gives you one today, tomorrow another, the next day and so on, then you’d better know she is not being real with you. Excuses goes hand in hand with lies. And if she lavishes you with tons of flimsy excuses, then she is probably lying to you in some aspect.


Makes references

As elaborated by psychologist, liars talk with references because while lying, their subconscious mind keeps telling them that no one is actually believing them. So, you’ll get to hear things like I came back earlier than yesterday ask Ann, or I went to the grocery ask Hudson! If your wife talks with a lot of references in one statement then chances are that she is probably lying to you. If she is sure that her words are the truth, she wouldn’t bother to make any forms of references.

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In Conclusion…

Succinctly, lies whether being told by a wife or husband often ends in marital upheavals. So in a bit to curb such an aftermath, as a husband, if you want to know if your wife is lying to you, try looking out for these cues in order to have an early intervention in whatever might be causing the lies, before it surmounts to something tragic. As I said earlier, for a marriage to last, it has to be a mutual effort from both the wife and husband. So, get things under control before they control your relationship!

2 thoughts on “How To Find Out If She’s Lying To You RIGHT NOW!

  • May 26, 2019 at 11:11 pm

    My husband was recently caught cheating with a woman that knew he had a wife. He says he wants to be with me and he confessed but I feel like he’s still lying. I love him with all of me but I’m afraid that it’s going to happen again. He says it won’t but this is the second time he physically cheated on me. He says he wants to work it out but I feel like he’s still lying and not coming clean with everything.

    • January 28, 2020 at 7:39 pm

      I know how you feel my husband did the same thing to me we had only been married 6 mos when I found out he was trying to hook up with a girl that worked for him .he had been talking to her behind my back for 2 or 3 months and I knew something wasn’t right because he was treating me very bad and for no reason one evening he came home and my cellphone was messed up and I ask to use his and that’s when I found out he tried to lie and say that her boyfriend had raped her and she needed someone to talk to and he was just trying to help her.. I told him that’s what cops and lawer’s are for .not a married man .he begged me to stay and that it would never happen again but now he is always checking his phone and keeps it away from me he uses different apps to call and I’m pretty sure he is video chatting with someone because his camera has always been on when I look in the history ..he gets mad as hell when I ask him anything about his phone


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