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How To Find Out If You’re Married To A CHEATER

The unfortunate reality is that marriages can, and do end for a variety of different reasons, but I’m sure we can all agree that the worst reason of all is cheating & infidelity. It’s this complete betrayal of trust, that single devastating stab in the heart which is the top reason so many once happily married couples are now filing for a divorce.

It really doesn’t matter if you were totally caught off guard and never saw it coming, or if you happen to be the type to just “suck it up and press on” chances are high that at some point we’re all going to go through this at one point or another… you may even be experiencing this right now, and if so all I can say to you is that I’m truly sorry.


Discovering the truth and betrayal is never an easy thing, but as they say, “the truth can set you free” and that’s no bologna.


What signs should you look for?

If you happen to notice differences in your spouse’s usual routine, perhaps they’re beginning to behave different or you notice they’re suddenly just not around as often as before, these could be some very basic, underlining hints that your wife or husband could be cheating on you.


They begin paying more attention to their appearance

Maybe your wife has started wearing perfume again, or perhaps your husband has a noticeable scent about him that you’re no longer used to. If they are suddenly taking more time to keep up with their appearance, maybe showering more often than usual, or even something as simple and easy to overlook as a change in the underwear they buy; all of these can be indications that your spouse is putting in that extra effort for someone else who isn’t you.


They develop new interests out of the blue

Remember when you were dating and your wife never showed any interest in most outdoor activities? Now, all of a sudden she’s heading out on hikes every other weekend and gets super giddy when she goes on about all the exciting new trips she’s planning!



Or, maybe your husband has taken a sudden interest in something that you’ve never known him to enjoy before- why is that? What on earth could possibly get him so enthusiastic about something you maybe have never even heard him talk about except in passing?

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He/She is more secretive

Yeah, you saw this one coming a mile off, didn’t you?

You know how it goes. They suddenly have a lock on their phone restricting access to anybody but them. Or maybe the password was changed and if you ask them why you’re met with some lame excuse like “it’s just in case someone gets ahold of it at work” or something like that. How would these people at work even know the password to begin with? Then when you start becoming even the slightest bit inquisitive they get hyper-defensive!

Well, here’s the thing… and I know it’s a bit sneaky but let’s be honest here, shall we?

There is a way you can get more information and it’s only right that you… the other half of this relationship gets to know just what the heck is going on, don’t you agree?

If you are in fact being cheated on, don’t you think it’s your right to know about it? I sure do.

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I hope it helps, and in the meantime if you’re interested in seeing a few more tips to help you out, feel free to check out some other posts on this blog. The entire blog is dedicated to helping out people in your exact situation, it’s what we’re dedicated to.