How to stop your husband from cheating?

Marriage is beautiful.  In fact, if there is anything that gives life meaning, is when we finally get to meet that special person, that we wish to spend the rest of our whole lives with. However, being that the world is slowing drifting towards an era of instant gratification, most spouses, men in particular as the case often turns out to be, usually choose to risk a short pleasure of infidelity with another woman who isn’t their wife at the expense of their lifetime partners at homes.

At times I wonder, is there anything that we the wives can do to stop our husbands from cheating? Like, it gets so serious that I constantly receive tons of emails from married women who are either on the brink of divorce or just had the first taste of a cheating spouse, asking if there is any way to save their marriage before they give up the whole thing. As such today, we’ve decided to take up the burning candle, into looking at valid ways through which a wife can stop a husband from cheating.

The painful part about infidelity in marriages is that it often comes at the point you least expected it and from the person, we thought loved us so much to hurt us. Still, as agonizing as cheating could be, the good news is, there are ways one can avoid it from entering their homes.

So ladies, shall we?



If there is any major catalyst that leads to infidelity in marital homes, is when both spouses are not really open to each other. If you guys are not extremely open in your communication, then there is every possibility for one of the spouses to cheat on the other secretly. If you must guard your marital home against cheating problems, then it’s high time you both start being open to each other. Like, if a guy is stalking you at work, let your husband know, that way, he’ll start having this notion that, hey, my wife trusts me this much, I’d better keep it clean with her, which then takes us to the next point.



Yes, trust. How can a marital home stand the test of time if there isn’t an iota of trust in it? For the ladies, trust that your husband that isn’t cheating on you by conditioning your subconscious mind into believing that. By so doing, you’ll be able to stay positive and believe me, nothing works better than maintaining a positive vibe in your relationship. It gives it hope. And once your husband discovers the full level of trust you have in him, even if he was about cheating on you, his conscience wouldn’t let him, because he’ll know that such decisions would jeopardize his personality as the head of the house and a husband to you. Trust me, this works!


Get Acquainted

Personally, this worked for me while I was battling my marital issues far back in 2009. There is this thing about the guilt that people fail to realize.  And that is the fact that you can actually create it and use it to your own advantage. How do you create guilt and use it in preventing infidelity in your homes? It’s quite simple. If you are aware of who your husband is going out with or about going out with, don’t panic. All you have to do is get so acquainted with them, like really friendly, like friendly-friendly. Once you become very close to the lady, you’ve successfully created a guilt cycle between you, her and your husband.

I bet you if they are about having anything going on, there is going to be a rethink like, your wife is my friend now, how’s that going to work. And oh, from time to time, if you’d wish to rekindle the guilt, ask your husband about her, and I bet at how disgusted he’ll feel about answering you. Men don’t love their wives getting acquainted with a person they are cheating with. It kills their interest in such a lady quickly.

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Stopping your husband from cheating doesn’t always have to be from a violent approach like getting to smash the lady’s windows, seizing his phones, or threatening both him and the lady, NO! Sometimes psychological approaches work faster and better than physical attempts.

Trust me, there are some men that will even do worse if you bust them up in a harsh manner. So take your time, play your cards well, and watch your marriage stay free of infidelity. If you’re able to control the psychological state of your husband, then you’re in total control of the marriage, of which nothing can go haywire except you allow it to. Never forget, the greatest battles are those fought in our minds!



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