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Is Your Relationship Headed Toward Shaky Waters

People come and go in our lives on a very regular basis. Some of them stick around just long enough to allow us the opportunity to learn a bit about them while others show up simply in passing. It’s important to be not only self-aware in those longer lasting relationships, but to also be aware of the relationship itself.

Here are a few questions you should probably be asking yourself when in the mix with another person so you can more fully assess the situation. This won’t take too long and there aren’t very many questions so let’s hopefully put aside a few minutes and get started, shall we?



Has your partner ever lied to you?

Have they ever been dishonest with you and you knew it, or at the very least suspected it strongly? Have you ever been forced to go through their phone just to confirm they were either not being up-front with you, or that you were wrong. Let’s be real for a moment, it’s a huge relief to find out that you were wrong in a case like this!

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Think they’re hiding something from you online?

Were you aware of the fact that somewhere around 51% of all online daters are actually in a relationship already? It’s so simple for anyone to just set up a profile and “go fishing” as I like to call it. It doesn’t matter what their reasons for doing this is, they’re still doing it and it can get not only themselves caught up in some drama, but it could also get those who become involved with them strung along for the ride… not cool!

Are you even just the tiniest bit suspicious that someone you know has a secret identity online? It might even be your boyfriend or girlfriend- possibly even a spouse. If you think for just a second that this could be a reality you should check into it further. Head over to THIS PAGE and check them out now.


Do they cancel plans at the last minute?

Not only is dropping out of plans last minute absolutely rude but it can also be a red flag. Do you know how many other people they have in their lives which might take priority above you? If they’ve backed out last moment only to disappear for a few hours (at the very least) then it’s probably safe to say they made other plans. Question is, with whom and for what exactly?



Are they always paying for things with cash?

It’s the age of plastic money and even though this one is 50/50 left to speculation it’s pretty safe to assume that if your “special someone” is always paying for their goods & services with cold hard cash then something might be suspect here. Why don’t they want to leave a paper trail? Or how is it they’ve always got that cash readily available on hand… just what are they doing to obtain it?

It’s totally reasonable to assume they just don’t like to deal with their bank (if they even have one) but at the same time if things seem a bit suspicious like they’re using cash when you know they could be using the convenience of a card then you should make a mental note of it.


Do they keep a weird schedule or none at all?

Are you getting calls at weird hours of the night, or day? Do they typically want to see you at odd hours? Maybe they’ve gone on some sort of business trip or something and upon their return you can’t help but notice they’re distant or distracted. Do they ignore your calls when not around only to insist later that “something came up” or the golden nugget… “Oh sorry, I just didn’t get it”.

These are all signs that something could definitely be up and you should probably investigate a bit further before taking another step with them.


Are they keeping secrets about their past?

It’s not like I’m suggesting that you need to know absolutely every detail on their past, but if they come off as evasive or just straight up unwilling to share much if anything at all about their past then you probably don’t want to know about it in the first place.


Exposing the truth can be easy and safe.

Whether you might be pulling back the curtains on someone’s past, discovering the truth about your own suspicions or just down right curious for the sake of curiosity, there are tools available to you and I’d like to point you in the right direction.

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3 thoughts on “Is Your Relationship Headed Toward Shaky Waters

  • Why is someone always acussing you of cheating when you’re not and why do they get mad when you ask them are they cheating then they get real mad cause you ask them that like you dont have the right to ask them that question.

  • Sounds like a guilty conscience.

  • Josh Chytracek

    I have exactly that,accusing when Im mot and gets SUPPER pissed when I ask,breaking up mad,thanks for theheDs up I was thinking the same thing ,now know Im right…..thanks


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