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Questions Any Parent Should Ask Their Daughter’s Boyfriend

It’s happening, your little girl is growing up and now she’s seeing boys on a more personal level. It’s something all of us with a daughter have to face no doubt at some point. The great news is that it’s really not that terrifying of a scenario provided you can rest assured that your little girl is picking out a decent boy to get more familiar with.

Let’s go through some questions you might want to be asking these boys so that you, as the upstanding parent can better understand who your daughter is truly dealing with.



Why do you want to date my daughter?

This one is a classic and if you pop the question unexpectedly then you’ll probably get to witness the ever-so-amusing show as he squirms trying to come up with a reasonable sounding explanation.

Not only that but coming right out with it like this is a great way to get a more honest reply. When we catch people off guard who feel a sense of obligation to satisfy the question you’re going to shoot right past their filter and hit pay dirt.


 What do you do for fun?

This one is a bit of a softball so he can redeem himself in case he blundered the first question. Getting the kid to talk about the things he’s into like sports, hobbies or even video games is all great. It’s a good thing to get to know more about the boy who’ll be taking your daughter out on dates and spending all that time together.

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Are you religious?

It doesn’t matter if your family is or isn’t religious, finding out if he is might give you a better idea about his upbringing and his moral values. This question could be a bit awkward so it’s probably a good idea to be polite when asking this, just come from a place of genuine interest and curiosity.



Do you work? / What do you do for work?

What’s he do for work? Does the guy have a job to begin with? Find out how long he’s worked there and if possible, what he likes and doesn’t like about it. Find out what your daughter’s boyfriend does for work can give you pretty insight into his character and where he just might be headed in life. All the better when you learn the little details like what he actually thinks about the job and the people he works with.


What’s your relationship like with your parents?

Typically, your upbringing is going to mold who you become later on in life, that’s just how it goes. By getting to learn a bit about his parents and how he views them, how they interact and all that stuff you will effectively have a clearer understanding of who he is- and who he might become.

It’s possible he’d just rather keep a lid on this subject in which case that could mean he either has parents he’s not very proud of, or there’s potentially something going on in the family he’d rather keep under wraps for whatever reason. Could be totally harmless and simply a matter of privacy, but it could also not.


Do your parents have any dating rules we should know of?

The chances are high you’re not going to get much from this question but in the event that you might it’s always good to ask it anyway. It’s a good idea to know what the parents on the other side of the fence might be expecting from all this so being on the same page really helps.


What do you have planned for this date?

I’m sure you’ve already got this one in the bag but finding out the details of the date at hand is a good idea. Know where they plan on going, if there will be friends accompanying them, when they plan to get back and etc. You probably have some sort of curfew in place but it’s good to reinforce it just to be sure everybody understands what’s up.


Get his info in case of emergencies (or whatever)

Some people find this last one weird but it’s a really… really, REALLY good idea to get this young man’s phone number, get his home address, perhaps the name of his family (parents, siblings and all) just for the unlikely event that you need to track them down for whatever. Perhaps just a phone number for his personal cell will do the trick but it’s good to get at least some way of contacting them or their folks.

If you’re the type of parent who is more closely involved in their children’s lives to the point you even have each other added on social media then this next tip might come in handy.


Do a bit of detective work

There is nothing more important than the peace and safety of your family. If at any point you ever see it fit to dig up a bit of dirt on your daughter’s squeeze then you may want to check out this tracking service which will search the internet for any social media profiles linked back to your subject… in this case being your little girl’s boyfriend. Though you could literally use this awesome tool to look up anybody you like!

Click the link above or the image below to check out more details on just what this thing can do, it’s impressive!

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