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Reasons Why Some Women Stay With Cheaters



It’s no surprise that a lot of people find it hard to believe that any woman would choose to say in a committed relationship with a person who’s cheated on them, or simply with someone they know has cheated in the past. An interesting figure to consider is somewhere around 75% of couples impacted by cheating still manage to stick it out and stay together.

The brief list below are not the only reasons why women opt to stay in a relationship with a cheater, they’re just some of the more well known reasons (some might say excuses) why.


They’ve stopped lying

Since the lying has stopped it becomes much easier for a woman to feel better about repairing the relationship. Once things are out in the open a sense of stability takes over and this could sometimes be a valid feeling, but it could also not. It’s important to use this reason with caution if you find yourself using it within your own relationship.


They’re still in love

The truth of the matter is that cheating and infidelity does not automatically cancel out love. Chances are high you may have experienced this at least once in your own life and can identify with how it feels to still be in love with the one who has cheated on you.

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Self blame

Blaming one’s self seems to be a big one on this list when it comes to women staying with the men who cheat on them. Often times they’ll feel a sense of self-responsibility or as if they are the cause of their man’s behaviour saying things like “what did I do wrong that he wanted to cheat?” The truth of the matter is that this is simply not the right way to look at the situation.


Financial situations

Some women feel they just can’t make it on their own without the financial support of their partner so they choose to stick with them seemingly no matter what, even if it means continuing on in a relationship with a known cheater.


Do it for the children

This one is tough because some parents feel that children should be raised in a two-parent home no matter what. We aren’t here to say this is right or wrong, it’s understandable that every family unity is unique to itself but the situations which might arise due to this choice could be more detrimental than not.


A desire to be the better woman

Sometimes competition becomes the focus and a wife who’s been cheated on developes the urge to prove she’s the better choice. This may include showing that misstress that she’s nothing more than a fling and is wasting her time because the wife has her home, the kids, a family life and all the good things that come from that.


Too accustomed to that lifestyle

If she’s involved with a wealthy or prominent man then he may have afforded her a lifestyle of which she simply does not want to give up. It’s difficult to go backwards once you’ve gotten accustomed to how much better things can be, even if it means staying with a cheater.

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Not enough proof of cheating

Though it is a good idea to know for certain that your partner is in fact cheating, this can sometimes lead to sticking around far longer than you probably should be. Looking to other factors and changes for the worst within the relationship may be necessary in this case.


In conclusion it’s important to point out that you don’t have to explain or defend your position within your relationship. Sometimes you need to ask yourself the question “are you better with him, or without him?” and let that be your guide. Every situation is unique and it is up to those personally involved to make the important decisions.