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Sneaky Ways To See If They’re Cheating On You

If you have considerable reason to believe that your significant other just might be unfaithful then it’s time to find out for sure. You need to know what’s really going on because let’s face it, the future of your entire relationship is riding on not only yours but your partner’s ability to remain faithful to you and the bond that you two share.



There are a few rather sneaky tricks you can use to help you better gauge if they just might be sneaking around on you. Let’s combat potential sneakiness with some sneak-tactics of our own. First, let’s walk through some of the more common symptoms of cheating.

  • Has he been working late more often than usual? Has she been spending more time out with the girls than usual?
  • Are your text and/or calls going unanswered for sometimes hours at a time when you suspect they perhaps shouldn’t be?
  • Have they all of a sudden gotten super secretive about their phone or computer?
  • Has their outward appearance changed in a pretty drastic way?
  • Is he / she showering more often than usual?
  • Is he buying you gifts when it’s out of place for him to do that?
  • Have you noticed their bedroom habits have changed seemingly out of nowhere?


The list above is a very short but common one for symptoms of a cheater. One of the best things we can do is listen to our instincts and proceed with caution. You don’t want to go guns a-blazin’ only to be completely dead wrong and wind up driving a wedge between you two out of haste.

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Check those contacts out

If you’re noticing that your partner is glued to their phone more often than usual, or perhaps you just notice they’ve always got a notification waiting for them on their phone then you might be right in suspecting that something’s up.



If you get the opportunity to glance over their contacts list then either jot down some of those names and numbers (especially the ones that look either too obvious or out of place) or take a quick screenshot of the list and txt it to yourself.. just be sure to delete the evidence completely!

Once you’ve got that list you can head over to THIS LINK

Check those people out, see if they actually turn up as they’re labeled on the list. If not then you just found yet another red flag and it’s time to really get curious.


Keep an eye on the car’s mileage

This one requires some extra work but if you are able to keep a running average of the mileage put on that odometer for typical weekly drives vs. when you notice that your partner is out more often than usual, perhaps spending some extra hours overtime “at the office” then you just might have an even stronger case on your hands to bust them for cheating.


Mark the sheets

How you actually decide to do this is totally up to you, just be sure it’s on the under-side of the sheet and make sure it’s not visible to anyone else but you. No one would notice a tiny dot strategically placed at the inner corner of the bed cover, where it gets all crinkly and stuff.

The purpose of this is for when you go out of town and you want to see if the sheets have been changed. Of course this could be for a totally innocent reason, but if you know that your spouse is not the type to do the laundry, especially the bedding, then you have a really solid way of finding out if something went on more than expected during your time away.


Cheating simply sucks, and we all know it.

If you ever find yourself suspecting that your significant other might actually be doing the unthinkable then it’s the unfortunate truth that it might be up to you to put in that detective work so you can find out once and for all.

A bit earlier I had mentioned a resource that could be used to track down fake contacts and grant you access to see who they really are. Again, if you want that then it’s RIGHT HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Sneaky Ways To See If They’re Cheating On You

  • Stephanie

    The piece of crap I’m in a relationship with must think
    I’m stupid. I called his cell and instead of sending me to voicemail, he screwed
    up andI heard him talking to someone on another cell. He claims it was
    a business call and he made it on his sons cell, which makes absolutely no sense.

  • Jackie

    My husband of 4 years is stuck to his phone, has a lock code. And even takes it to the restroom. He says he’s not doing anything bad but I don’t believe it. I think he has another phone number because he has missed calls from his own phone number on his phone which is weird. And he has contacts that I’ve never seen before. He gets mad if I question him about him being on his phone. He picks fights with me just so he can isolate himself and be on his phone. I’m so sick of it.


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