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This Is When You Know It’s Time To See A Marriage Counselor

A marriage is one of the most intimate environments any couple could enter into together. When difficulties begin to arise, and make no mistake about it, they will at some point, it can be a very frustrating and often times lonely or even isolating feeling.

Your partner whom you’ve shared everything with now seems like someone to “deal with” rather than enjoying your time together, and that’s just rough no matter how you spin it.

If you find yourself in any of the following situations with your significant other than you might wish to seek counseling to get on the path to healing and strength in your relationship. Or, I suppose discover there are irreconcilable differences which have driven a wedge between you to making it obvious it’s time to consider parting ways… hopefully as very good friends.



Are they cheating on you?

We’re going to put this one at the very tippy-top of the list for the single obvious reason- it’s probably the hardest pill to swallow of them all.

It’s important to not simply develop a sneaking suspicion and then go flying off the handle. You want to be sure you know there’s no way it’s simply “just all in your head.” There are a number of things you could do, some of them a bit more sneaky than others, but the thing is this. You want to know what that little voice in the back of your mind is talking about, you need to understand why you feel “some type of way” when your husband walks through the door. Where there were once feelings of joy and over-flowing love just pouring out from within, it’s now replaced by an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach.

If you suspect that there’s a chance your spouse could be involved in infidelity, then it’s up to you to seek the means to catch them in the un-truth and then the opportunity to either mend things, or completely dissolve them will become apparent.


Here is a handy resource you might want to look into for steps to take with that.


Communication breakdown

Ladies, we all know that this one is obvious. However, to some of our male readers it might not be so evident sometimes that either a recent lack in communication, or an overall shift in the tone and feeling of communication can be a very strong indicator that something is just “not quite right.”

If you find that you’re talking to each other in a sharper and blunt tone. If the reason you say certain things is simply to “take a jab” at the other one, you may want to consider this a glaring red flag.

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Getting stuck in the past

Yeah it’s true that your husband or wife are going to do things that just totally tick you off sometimes- it happens because we’re all human.

Here’s the problem with holding on to grudges however. Think of it as a stack of playing cards and the shorter the stack is the harder it is to knock it over and make a mess of things. If you allow that stack to continue to build up it will eventually topple under its own weight- or the force of a gentle breeze could be all that’s required to send half the stack flying all over the place, making a mess.

When things come up they need to be addressed as soon as possible and a reasonable compromise between the two of you should be met, it’s the only real way to keep from lighting the fuse on a ticking time bomb. I suppose it would be setting the clock since it’s a “time bomb” right? Oh well, you get the idea.



Major money issues

This one is obvious to many, I’m sure of it. If you can live a life that meets all your basic needs then you’re much better off than a vast majority in the world. That being said however, it’s understandable we all enjoy those creature comforts.

Just do your best to manage your money well and always be on top of spending as a unit, not individually.


A diminishing sex-life

One of the first signs something major is afoot is when you are no longer wanting to touch, or sleep with your spouse. Intimacy is something to be shared by a couple who are into each other in a major way. So when you’re no longer “feeling it” there is definitely something wrong.

It’s not to say that sex naturally winds down as the relationship goes on, that’s just a natural part of things for most couples and it’s perfectly fine. But when you have a distinct reaction to the idea of sex with your partner, or if you find yourself doing it just because you feel it’s your obligation to and you don’t get any pleasure from it anymore… it may be time to seek professional help.


So who, or what is to blame?


Lets go back to that first idea.. cheating.


Hopefully you never have to experience such a thing with your spouse, but the unfortunate truth is that the odds are stacked heavily against you.

Various statistics s how that as low as 36% and as high as over 50% of marriages wind up in infidelity. I’m sorry to say it but all it takes is just one time and  your entire relationship could wind up changed. Possibly for good, maybe only temporarily.

Just because mistakes were made doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re no longer loved. It could point to a deeper problem which is why seeking professional assistance might be required in some cases.

The problem however is with finding out the truth, it can be very difficult when your loved one is lying to you in order to hide the truth. This might be because they don’t want to hurt you, it’s also possible they just want to have their cake and eat it too… who’s to say for sure.


There are tools and resources available to you if you find yourself in this situation however. Visit the link here to check them out… they just might save you time, and possibly your marriage.

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3 thoughts on “This Is When You Know It’s Time To See A Marriage Counselor

  • brittany lovett


    • That is a guilty person’s M.O. The messed up part is they seem to almost convince themselves that you are or have cheated. I believe it helps them feel justified in their actions, and makes it easier to keep cheating and lying. It’s a never ending cycle and it’s not fair to the person who isn’t guilty and just wants the truth. My ex tormented me for almost 4 yrs, with lies, and manipulation! I loved him so much and he knew he could string me along. Sad but true, never again! After a nightmare like that, idk if I’ll ever be able to fall that hard again? Those assholes r everywhere! Always listen to your gut!

  • Julian Gutierrez

    OK so what does it mean wen my wife tells me a very detailed little love story about how she and some guy have been talking for a awhile and they fell for one another but could not be with each other Cuz she was married told me with such passion and then so I decided to send her a pic of one of my friends girlfriend almost getting out the shower in a hotel room so I sent it to my wife and she kinda flipped for the day and stopped calling and messaging me he’s later. Then so I the shower girl and my friend came up wit a plan to let me and his girls phone message one another for a bit so that it looked like we had been talking for a while just like my wife and that faggot but so two weeks pass by and my phone was out in the open and so saw our messages and my plan wasn’t ready yet I was planing on showing her them wit messages wit a huge bang but she cut it short and so my wife flipped and wen I said so so did u what or y are u tripping and then she pulls a 360 and says that none of it of her love romance was it in any way shape or form true all off a sudden as soon as she saw a chance to try and blame me for the failure of this marriage as she saw it that she could try and put he blame on me. So what do u guys think she telling the truth and just wanted to see wat kind of reaction I had which I cried my eyes out or she’s lying I really have more to this story but to long. I’d really like to talk to some one about this outside of this site thanks Julian


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