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Three Unbelievable Yet True Stories Of Celebs Who Were Catfished

Could you long-distance relationship be fake as fiction?

You hear about it all the time, someone got scammed into falling for a fake. These days it’s so easy to just snag somebody else’s pictures off Instagram or Facebook and maybe give them a little post-production alteration so they don’t catch the reverse image searches. You really never know just who it is you’re truly talking to, sharing feelings with, getting kinky with, literally anything at all… you just do not know who that person truly is unless you can get some sort of ‘verification’ either by a facetime call or a video chat via Skype.

We’re going to explore three real-life cases where celebrities got catfished, and though it might seem funny to some, you have to admit that it’s got to really suck for them- or anyone else it’s happened to.


Number One: Pat McAfee



This story starts off when Pat got a few tweets from some random “smoking hot blonde” named Abigail Johnson. The first thing she requests from Pat was that he connects with her in Houston as he was in town for a game. Luckily he ignored it initially, but his catfish wasn’t giving up just yet. A while after that first attempt Pat was tweeted again and this time that tweet read “It’s a shame we couldn’t meet up, you seem like such a nice guy on here.” Pat was skeptical, too bad he didn’t have something like this Handy App at that time to help him look her up.


A few tweets later and he did eventually decide to follow this person and then DM her. Pat couldn’t help but notice that other athletes were also tweeting at this woman, so he just assumed she must have been real.

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Long story short, these two exchange messages back and forth until one night Pat wakes up from a really weird dream he had which lead him to believe that this Abigail person was actually a man!

His suspicions were eventually confirmed when one day he flips on the TV show Catfish and see’s none other than “Abigail Johnson” exposed for being a fraud! Talk about bizarre.


Number Two: Tracie Thoms



Tracie was one of the actors in the movie Rent, and was also a cast member on the television show Cold Case. A while back she connected with a “super-fan” named Sammie on Twitter. Tracie wound up thinking that Sammie seemed pretty decent so they both became friends and ended up chatting a bit through DM’s on Twitter.

That didn’t last too long however once things began to get weird. Sammie ended up introducing Tracie to another fan of hers named Reese. Both fans wound up helping out with promoting the actresses’ projects until one day Reese basically got cancer and died. What’s more bizarre about the sudden and unfortunate departure of Reese is how Sammie wanted to prove the death by sending over a video of some funeral.

Tracie was skeptical and wound up contacting the funeral home on top of pushing Sammie for further details; she knew something wasn’t quite right with all this.

Well, it turned out that Reese wasn’t even real, Sammie made it all up, including the cancer and death. These two wound up on the show Catfish where Tracie confronted her lying fan and it was evident that this Sammie was “shell-shocked” and extremely nervous for the encounter.

In the end the two parted ways and the host of the show made this statement:

“I think it was done with no real long-term goal or purpose, but mostly out of a place of she’s very lonely so she chose to reach out and connect with celebrities because she always felt that was a safe place to get attention that felt more meaningful than regular everyday attention.”


Number Three: Brad Paisley



You may be familiar with this country music star who was catfished not out of some kind of romantic longing, but instead for his generosity.

This bizarre tale begins when one day Brad’s wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley received an email from some woman claiming her daughter was suffering from cancer. Brad hadn’t any reason at that time to doubt this story and the two of them began exchanging emails for a little over a week.

The catfish even went as far as to provide fake photos of her daughter “Claire” who was supposedly dying. With this heart-breaking information in mind what does Brad do? In hopes to help raise the spirits of this poor dying girl he sings “Amazing Grace” to her over the phone.


“You’re singing to someone’s dying kid,” said Paisley. “And in the middle of it, there’s no way that’s not real. How can that not be real?”

After the very unfortunate (coughs) passing of this poor little girl “Claire” both Brad and his wife decided they wanted to do something, make some sort of gesture and show their condolences. Upon attempting to send flowers to the heart broken mother they were met with refusal, this lady did not want to give them her address.

It was after this point the couple got suspicious and decided to look into matters further. They found out that this poor little girl didn’t even exist, she was totally fabricated. Not only was Brad and his wife duped but it was later discovered that this faker also suckered a few others in, among them were:

  • The country band called Little Big Town
  • The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
  • Reality star Kate Gosselin
  • And comedian John Henson


All these people were catfished in similar ways which eventually lead to the conviction of Hope Jackson, the catfish, for theft of services.


Exposing Catfish!

It’s crazy to think about it, but if even celebrities can be suckered into believing these fraudsters are what they claim to be, when they obviously aren’t, what do you think you just might be falling into?

Anytime you get cozy with someone on the internet it’s always a great idea to keep that skeptic somewhere nearby, keep your guard up until you know for absolutely certain that this person is who they claim to be.

If you happen to get their number, and let’s face it… that’s not exactly hard to do these days- then you can head over to THIS LINK and look them up!

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You’ll be able to check out just who actually owns that phone number and who knows, it just might lead you to discovering that the person you thought was real, actually is! Or maybe isn’t.

Be safe out there folks-


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