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What They Use To Find The Others

Typically new age cheaters, even if they’re searching for something emotional, will stay out of social circles that someone could stumble upon and find them out. Now, it’s easier than ever for them to connect with people from different areas or that they would otherwise never have encountered without the use of technology. You can count on your significant other to have a mobile device that, like many others they have with them constantly. This is their gateway into meeting people that you would never be able to find out about.

Watch for these apps on your cheaters phone. They’re not only blazing red flags from the names but their given functions will drive you to confront your cheater right then and there. Most of these are available on Apple and Android devices. When working with a tech savvy partner, look up steps on how to reveal hidden apps, most often it is as easy as de-selecting ‘Hide Apps’ in their app drawer or even just finding a folder. Cheaters use these apps to connect with others that are looking for ways to get around you knowing what’s going on. The increased danger of your cheater using these connections is that the person on the other end of that relationship knows what the score is. These girls or guys know exactly what’s up and will probably be working just as hard to cover their own tracks. It usually adds another level of difficulty sometimes. Except when you find the app right there burning on their device!

Ashley Madison – Life is Short, Have an Affair

Boasting over twenty five million members, Ashley Madison has a number of bad reviews when you first look. However, after you dig a bit, this is actually a paid service attached to a free app. While they suffered a major hack not too long ago, their services haven’t slowed down. Ashley Madison says it all in their tag line, “Life is Short, Have an Affair”. So while your cheater is logging in and paying to see their messages, if you have tied finances you’re probably footing this bill. Take a peak at their device to see if they have this one.


The app makes it easy enough that they don’t even have to get on to a computer. So key loggers and cookie tracking is out of the question now. What you really want to do with services that charge for credit is to track the billing of your account. If you have separate finances, your only option is to grab a hold of their phone for a bit, or take a peak over their shoulder. People, cheaters especially, have gotten pretty confident with being on mobile devices knowing that privacy is just setting your screen to sleep with a side button click.

Dating Apps

Other apps like Tinder, or Happn revolve around being free and the cheater having to filter through excessive users and probably a good amount of scammers expected with any ‘hook up’ service. These apps offer the easy way of finding your spouse by creating a profile and finding her, or him. Dating applications are notorious for being easy to find a cheater on, and even though most experienced cheaters don’t go this route, if they’re new to the game, you’ll find them with one of these apps.

How They Cover Their Tracks

Cheaters working after they’ve connected with someone have to work now to keep their secrets safe. There are a variety of applications meant to cover their tracks on their devices and to make a situation appear differently than it is.

Vaulty Stocks

For Apple or Android devices, it hides the cheaters pictures and video. So if someone’s sending your significant other or spouse inappropriate pictures and videos and they’re trying to stash them from your prying eyes, they’ll be having Vaulty Stocks. While there are similar apps out there, this one looks and actually functions just like a real stock search app. So if you’re tying to sneak a peak over their shoulder, you’re only going to be seeing data for stocks.


This one they’ll use specifically to cover up their tracks. So how it works is that you’re calling them to see how they’re doing and who they’re doing unspeakable things with or maybe you actually had a reason for calling. Either way, they don’t answer which is the typical role of a cheater. However, SlyDial sends a call directly to voice mail. These cheaters then look like they tried to call you back knowing that you would never have a chance to answer. The cheater would never face the possibility of having to speak with you and explain how you just barely missed their call. It is available on all mobile device formats and it was originally intended for ease of use in transmitting information when you want to just drop off some raw information and skip out on the logistics of a conversation. This sort of system has just made it easier for cheaters to seem more invested in your relationship while they’re working on other, umm… connections.


The call and text eraser is five dollars in the app store. Making its debut on the television show Shark Tank, it has since been a success with assisting the cheating community in hiding their secretive lifestyle. Everything from phone logs to text messages are deleted from a shake of the device or entering a pin number on the screen. So, it’s opting to give the cheaters literally immediate privacy. There are options to turn the app around to function it as a spy device, but this call and text eraser is the far more concerning function.

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Seeing something like this on your spouses phone doesn’t just raise suspicion. It more or less confirms that there’s a greater portion of their life that they just don’t want you to know about. That enough is reason to confront them and see what they’re being so secretive about. You can do investigations on your own after seeing one of these top cheater apps or cut right to the chase and question them now.

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    I know he is up to no good. I would like to know more

    • December 25, 2018 at 6:11 pm

      Funny this came back as nxdomain.. Which is the of things that has been going in with my phone.. Also listing him a null.. Curious.. If its the same sweet country red bone that I’ve been in a relationship with for 5 yrs

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    I no my better half is no good I found out last night that I can’t trust him


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