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Try Not To Make These Haunting Mistakes

So you’re an upstanding citizen… now. But we all know you were a wild one back in those early days. Probably off TP’ing houses and being a general local terror to the surrounding neighbors. Here’s the thing, all that could potentially come back to bite you in the butt so for those of you who were perhaps not exactly striving to be public enemy number one, I present you with a list of things you should try to avoid.


Driving Under the Influence- aka, DUIs

The plan is simple. Collaborate with some friends, head out to the bar, knock back a few booze and drive like a maniac in the night!



No, not really, but the fact is that so many people wind up drinking a couple and think they’re ok to drive home saying things like “I can drink way more than this and not even feel it.” In which case, great for you, but if you wind up getting pulled over you’re still probably going to get the good ol’ DUI test which includes the whole blowing into a box thing. If it comes up at the right level you’re getting a ticket, your car may be impounded and that beauty will sit on your record for quite some time! No bueno my friends… not at all.

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Please don’t shoplift, just don’t do it.

I know the temptation might be there but it’s really not worth getting potential jail time and a nice new strike on your criminal record. Though specifics for what counts as “petty theft” and what’s big enough to actually land you a felony charge differs there is one thing we can all agree on and that is just how much it’ll suck if you get your picture taken by the cops- otherwise known as a mug shot.

Once that stuff is on your record it can be looked up by basically anyone including future employers, friends, family, and potential dating partners or whomever! Totally not worth what you maybe could have had when it just might jeopardize your future down the line.


Where you a pill popping animal?

Yeah it’s true that drugs come in a bunch of forms, pills are just one of them but I’ve always thought that phrase was kind of hilarious in a weird way.

Everyone has their own views on what’s “okay” and what isn’t, I’m not here to debate that. This is strictly a talk on what’s legal and what isn’t. in light of that if you happened to land charges on drug use and/or possession then you probably already know how much of a pain in the side that could be for things like getting a job in the future.


Remember that time you told a cop your Fake name?

Something you might not be aware of is that alter egos, aliases and the like just might wind up in your personal permanent record. Just think of how weird it might be if you’re ever in a situation where a background check comes up- what do you think they’ll find on you?


Your past has much to say

And the crazy thing is that it’s so readily available these days that almost anyone can figure things out about you that you perhaps even forgot about yourself.

Maybe you’re not the one who this article is really talking about but instead someone you know? There are tools available to finding out a bit more about someone’s past. If you’re interested to learn more on that then you should CHECK OUT THIS LINK.

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