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Typical Lies People Tell On Dating Profiles

You could probably think of an online dating site profile as a sort of personal resume. As we all know, people tend to hmmm, let’s just say “embellish” their resumes a bit by talking themselves up, making their past job titles sounding more important than they actually were and all that.

On the flip-side, you’ll get those times where people lie by omission- leaving some details out. Perhaps they totally raged at the drive-thru because some jerk customer had a really poor attitude on the wrong day! Who honestly knows, just keep in mind that people do lie to make themselves appear better than they are and we’re going to focus on some of the more common lies to spot next time you’re browsing around.


First on the list are…




Profile pictures

Chances are you’re going to see a lot of profiles with old photos, back in their prime days possibly. Though this is done all over the gender spectrum, it seems like guys tend to do it more often. I don’t know why, but that’s just an observation.



I’m sure you guessed this one but you’ll often times find guys trying to turn back that clock as far back as a whole decade! I don’t know about you but that’s really pushing it in my opinion. I thought only my aunt had a dozen 31st birthdays!



Did you know that guys often times stretch the truth on this one by about 2 inches? Something tells me that’s not all they stretch the truth about- coughs.

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Wants Kids

Nope, probably not really. It seems that a lot of times guys will say they do want kids just to get more matches when in reality they actually don’t. Be on the lookout for this one ladies.


Income Level

I think just about most of us fall into two camps on this one. You either tell the truth straight up, or lie your ass off! It seems that guys tend to fib somewhere around 20-40% with this detail however, and not in the upward direction.


Relationship Status

Let’s just say you’re not going to be able to count on this one for crap. Expect lies… all lies!

Not 100% of the time, of course, but way more often than we’d all like.





Profile Pictures

There is a good chance that the hotter this is the older it is. If you’re seeing her shot from all sorts of funny angles or if her shots are filtered to high-heaven then you know she’s trying her dandiest to conceal her true form.



She probably sits somewhere around her early 30’s but ticked of the 29 age group just so she can get more matches.



I didn’t know that women tend to subtract somewhere around 8 ½ pounds from their actual weight. Honestly, not a big deal, but I suppose it’s good to know these things just in case it ever came up in some couple’s trivia game one day in the future after you two have met and wound up in happily ever after.



If you see something like “prefers not to say” that’s her subtle hint that she’s got at least one. If it’s possible to omit this field all together and she does then she’s probably got a few.



It seems like nobody loves those public outings more than online daters. If she talks a big game to the point she comes off as a “try hard” then she may not necessarily be fibbing or anything like that, but she might just be looking for validation. That could of course be totally off and she just wants to find someone to share these experiences with so hit her up and start a dialog- who knows what magic could come of it.


No Drama

Yeah right. C’mon ladies… you know exactly what I’m talking about on this one.


Online Dating

It’s practically impossible to know just exactly who you’re getting to know when it comes to online dating and match making.

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