Who is my husband texting

I keep saying this, no matter the built and masculinity of men you can always read them easily than women. Lets say, nature chose not to favor them in that aspect. As such, when a man starts seeing another lady other than his wife, he often leaves some sub conscious cues as to what he is really doing. I don’t know how we got here, but the reality today is that, infidelity in marriages seems to be the order of the day, as cases are being reported daily. In some cases you’ll get to hear things like, “I think my husband is texting some other lady, he is being acting weird recently”.

And while some often pose these quests with the hope to getting encouraged, some ladies actually seek for the approaches in which they can use in curbing marital issues like this. So in this article, we’ll be laying our strings on how to know who your husband is actually texting. Could it be the hardworking and amazing secretary at work that he has always been speaking good of? or the pretty looking girl at the coffee shop? And if it’s any of those, how do you actually know if there are in a relationship or not? This and many more you’ll get to find out as we go further in this article.

As a wife, the first thing you should observe about your husband is the way he handles his mobile phone. So if he does any of this around his phone, then you need to pay close attention.


Puts the phone on silence at home

This is the first thing you’ll observe if your husband is actually texting another woman. If he loves silencing his phone whenever you’re around, then, all he wants to do is communicate with the lady without you the wife knowing. So, if you notice your husband always muting his phone at home, then he is actually up to something with someone.


The Over Protective

You know when you’re clean you have nothing to hide. So if he is clean whenever you handle his phone he will always allow you use it for as long as you’d want and navigate everywhere. However, if he constantly warns you from touching his phone, then believe it or not, there are actually some top classified texts in that phone!


Low Tone Answers

If he speaks using a low tone while on a call, then chances are that he is actually seeing some other lady. He can’t speak to a fellow man in a low tone, that’s just the simple logic!


Extra Security

Yes we all have pass codes on our phones. But have you ever seen an instance where a pass code leads to another code that leads to another security code? Now that spells cheating!


Fond of

If you want to know if your husband is actually texting someone else, try paying attention to him whenever he is discussing with you. If he is fond of mentioning a particular lady’s name, be it a friend or coworker, then chances are that he is actually having a thing for that person. To further affirm this, if he constantly defends the person then that’s surely the pick!


Makes references

This is somewhat similar to the above point but in this case, he will start comparing you the wife with that very lady. Like for instance, complaining that you should stay in shape like Lindsay his secretary and so on. If that happens in a considerable amount of time, then chances are that his eyes is with another lady.

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Ask him

If all the above methods fail to yield positive result in giving you the chance of figuring out who your husband is texting, then ask him directly. If he flares up at your question then be aware that you’re certainly up against another unknown lady. But in a case where he stays calm and shows you who he is talking to, then you’re safe!


Getting to figure out who your husband is texting is somewhat of a logical process because, if it isn’t done properly, your marriage could be on a verge of divorce. So be meticulous in this quest and watch how the whole event unfolds in your eyes. Remember, they are some men who wouldn’t take it lightly with you if they found out that you sneaked around and went through their phone. As a matter of fact, from the majority of similar stories, it often doesn’t end well. So, be calm, follow these tips, and watch the story unveil!

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  • July 30, 2019 at 2:06 pm

    My ex is reading my text messages. How do I stop him? He said he does it thru his computer. But won’t tell me how.


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