Why Complacency is Bad in the Face of Infidelity


It’s okay being complacent about a plethora of things in life. As a matter of fact, complacency is one of the pathways to living a happy and fulfilled life. When you’re complacent, things don’t bother you that much, and you get to attain this great feeling of satisfaction no matter the level you are in life.

Nevertheless, as good as complacency is, the same cannot be said when it is being applied in marital issues, infidelity most especially. The problem with some marriages is that, whenever they’re being struck by an affliction, they tend to be complacent towards it, especially for the wealthy ones. And most often than not, it doesn’t end well for such unions as they are often accompanied by divorce in the long run.

So today, we are going to be looking at the reasons why complacency is bad especially when addressing the issue of infidelity.



Everything in life is guided by a certain principle, and in the area of problems, the best way to solve it is by facing it. In a relationship, some people tend to be complacent towards their spouse’s infidelity habits either because of fear of losing them or because they feel everything will fall into place eventually.


However, in reality, such acts of complacency only do nothing but aggravate the issue. If you’re complacent towards your partner’s cheating habit, the truth is, it will get even worse in the long run.

You can’t conquer fear by shying away from it, and in this case, the fear of not addressing issues like this in any relationship often leads to one thing, which is in aggravating the habit. So, if you really seek to end such a perilous habit exhibited by your partner which may eventually end your Union, then its high time you stopped being complacent towards it.


Wrong impression

And when you fail to show concern towards a disastrous attitude such as infidelity which is capable of thwarting your relationship, then its only natural for a wrong impression to be created.

The cheater here will have the impression that the victim spouse is okay with their habit and thus will continue engaging it. You’ll get to hear things like, ” my girlfriend is totally cool with me flirting with others. We are kinda open”.

But in reality, no one would love their partners to cheat on them irrespective of what kind of relationship there is in, be it open or closed. It hurts, whenever such thought crosses our mind thus, the impression that they are okay with you flirting is actually erroneous. Thus, to avoid creating such a false impression in your relationship, it’s best you stop being complacent in issues concerning your relationship.


More Problems

After creating the wrong impression, you must know that you have succeeded in opening diverse channels for problems to flow into your relationship.

It may come in different forms, so much that if proper care is not taken, one partner could be pushed to their extreme. In such cases, the guilty partner might move from just cheating to clubbing and late night keep. And at this point it might get so uncontrollable, drawing such a union closer to the brink of divorce.

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Most often than not, this is always the last bus stop for complacent couples. After aggravating the issue, giving the wrong impression, it is only inevitable that divorce will come beckoning on the door. Any marriage that fails to properly address whatever issue they have will end up facing it during divorce proceedings.

However, to avoid facing such fate, it is sacrosanct that you address the issue of infidelity at a very early stage before it gets a little too late. And I’d love to remind us that once you hit the road of divorce, there is no going back, its a journey of no return.

So while the ball is still in your court, why don’t you play your cards well by avoiding being complacent, in order not to end up in the path of divorce. Succinctly, posing a lackadaisical attitude towards pertinent issues like infidelity isn’t worth the while. As such, instead of seeing it as a negative influence in your relationship, why not use it as a positive fuel to build your relationship in all the areas that you possibly can.

On the other hand, failure to pay proper attention to it will not only worsen the problem, create a wrong impression, create routes for multiple problem channels, but will certainly end in divorce. So it’s all up to you to make the right choice!

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