Why married people cheat


Sadly, failing to recognize the importance of compatibility and understanding in a relationship is becoming an inevitable habit amongst the people of our generation today. Since the world has gone tech-wise, and with the advent of online communication channels like social media, building a relationship has now become a piece of cake. Little wonder why there are so many failed marriages today.

The fact is, we’ve neglected to recognize that there is an enormous difference between dating and marriage. And one of the most pronounced difference is the harsh reality between them. Of course, one can pretend all they want during courtship, but will only take a couple of years for such mask of pretense to fall off after marriage. So today, we’ll be pondering on why married people cheat and how to understand the mystery behind this contradiction.


If any institution should ever stand a chance of succeeding, then a good foundation must be laid. And what do we mean by having a good foundation? Having a good marital foundation simply implies that the couples involved will have to share things in common other than love. Yes, love.

In contrary to the adage that love is all one needs to help a marriage survive, understanding and compatibility supersedes it. Unfortunately, love is not enough, it has never been enough, it only feels enough during courtship, but needs to be accompanied by understanding and compatibility, if such unions seeks to survive the storms of infidelity.


The reason why most married people cheat is because, they married out of love. The problem with this is that, when the loves dies of which it will, what happens next? At this point more often than not, the couples involved, start feeling like total strangers to themselves if they were never compatible, and thus search outside for alternatives which may lead to infidelity.


Another reason why most married people cheat is because of man’s earthly god “money”. Indisputably, a lot of people marry on financial basis, as some see it as a gateway to an emancipation of their financial burdens.

Unfortunately, this is one of the worst reasons for one to get married and I’ll explain. Getting into a marital union because of money often spurs up disrespect, and once this sets in, one partner will automatically become subordinate to the other. And most often than not, the superior amongst the two, usually the one with the financial buoyancy will now have a feeling of doing whatsoever they want, cheating inclusive.

After all, you’re enjoying the money you came for, so you forever remain indebted to the person, without a say of your own in the marriage. As harsh as it may sound, a lot of people are secretly going through this right now, and my candid advice to them is that they should get busy, find something doing and become financial independent, in order to emancipate themselves from such shackles.


As weird as this may sound, ignorance plays a pivotal part in why some married people cheat, this time the men especially. I’m sorry to put it this way, but men that think that sleeping with a plethora of women is a success on their own part or makes them more of a conqueror are the most naive set of people.

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Sleeping with women other than your spouse doesn’t do any better, than portray your sense of indiscipline and level of ignorance. So for the men who think that sleeping with ladies other than their wives is just another norms a regular guy should do, you might want to reconsider your perception.



The last but not the least on the reasons why married people do cheat is revenge. And to better understand this point, we’ll have to cast our minds back to when I said understanding and compatibility supersedes love in a marital union.

I’ve received tons of email from subscribers who told me their husband cheated on them as a revenge gesture. And as silly as that may sound, it is actually true. Married people do cheat just to take revenge on their spouse, perhaps after an argument or misunderstanding.

Nevertheless, there is no cogent reason and no magnitude of misunderstanding that should ever cause a married person to cheat on the other. This is true because such revenge does nothing, other than to destroy marriages. Be it as it may, irrespective of the points mentioned above, there is no justifiable reason whatsoever to why any married person should cheat, because it never ends well for such a union. Just as Patti Callahan Henry said, “Cheating and lying aren’t struggles, they’re reasons to break up”.


5 thoughts on “Why married people cheat

  • March 25, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    This is so true because I having been going through this right now. And I don’t want to be. Because I feel that when someone does this to the person that they claim they Love I feel that they really did not Love them in the first Places. And I also feel that they never think about the impact of what will happen when they do this.

  • May 4, 2019 at 7:20 am

    A winner never cheats and a cheater never wins.

  • June 11, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    My wife of 18 years started cheating on me because she always though I was cheating on her going through saying site but I was only going through saying site to gain attention from other women but my wife thought different . My wife decision go to a bar and pickup a guy. This even told my wife that he was married. My wife still presumed him. They had sex several before my wife caught real feeling for this guy. I was will to do the same thing by seeing someone to but I felt that this was wrong and tried to get out of the situation and the woman contacted my wife by e-mail. My confronted me about the situation with is woman and really may me feel bad about the situation to a point I wanted kill myself over the mistake I made mean while my wife was doing the same thing to me little did I know. I decision to have us go to marriage counseling but must wife during the session. Seem to be not will to work on our marriage. So I asked her if she was seeing anyone she said no. Okay so I have watch her behavior and where she going so I place a iPhone in her trunk for three weeks . I can track the iPhone because of the GPS installed in the phone call find my iPhone. Any way I saw one day that her car was at a location in Alexandria Virginka at a restaurant after she had gotten off of work at 4 PM. The car had been at this location for hour. After reversing the address and receiving an areola view of the area it was a restaurant. I race to the location and from home. After locating her vehicle. I look through the restaurant and did not find my wife. So I just waited for a car to stop in front of her car. After hour of waiting a car pulled up. My wife was in the passenger side of a white SUV. I brought my video Camera. I stood at the entrance of the restaurant and saw my wife kissing this guy like crazy I video tape the whole scene before my wife could get out I stood right her face as she got of the car. My wife was in shock then walk around to the drive side of the car and the guy looked at me with shame on his face and dropped his head for a few minutes before driving off. Sense this time about year and half ago my wife still continued to see this guy. I have this guys home address and wife’s number should I call the wife and tell her that her husband has been cheating with my for 2 and half a years and my wife is in love with her husband? PleAse give me feed back please.

    • August 6, 2019 at 7:16 pm

      Yes you should, your wife needs to suffer like you are, and the guys wife needs to know. I feel for her the most.

    • August 13, 2019 at 12:28 pm

      Yes you should she needs to know what kind of dog she is married to.i think if a man or woman is married they shouldn’t be out sleeping with someone else it’s just wrong.and it makes her look stupid not knowing that her husband is cheating on her…she may not care but I would definitely let her know


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