Cheat On A Cheater - What You Need To Know If You Think Your Partner Is Cheating

Are you wondering whether you should cheat on a cheater or not, you are most likely dealing with a stressful and disturbing situation. As an alternative to this course of action, you should concentrate on learning the facts and gathering evidence of their illicit affair.

Begin by taking a drive past the office of a partner who's unexpectedly 'working late' a lot. If you know where they park then it shouldn’t take long to double check, or even see if there is anyone in the car with them. You should also try to look at their social media feeds, especially if your partner claims to have recently deleted their Facebook or Twitter account? Check that they haven't really blocked or unfriended you by looking for his or her page from someone else's account. If their computer switched on while they are out see if they have left their social network, or email account, logged in. Assess any joint bank accounts and find out whether there is unusual spending on the likes of lingerie, fancy restaurants, jewelry and resorts. Unless your partner is experienced in the two-timing game, chances are they shower following a rendezvous using products that differ from what you've got at home. When they come home, be sure to get close enough to get a whiff – you will most likely be able to identify the difference in soap and shampoo. If you would like to be sure, you might consider seeking out a cheaters spy shop. However, this really isn’t necessary, all you need is a simple app to catch a cheater.

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