Cheaters Apps – How They Work

If you've been keeping up with the latest and greatest apps on the market these days you might have heard something about anti cheaters apps. These applications are designed to keep you up to date on whether or not your significant other is telling you the truth about their love life. Various apps work differently, but these are the main methods used:

Some apps monitor contact to and from the phone. This includes text messages, call logs, some third party apps, like Whatsapp or WeChat, and all other normal functions of the mobile phone. Depending on the quality of the app, you may or may not be able to read the messages themselves, but at the very least you will be able to see who they were messaging and calling, and when. Aside from this, getting a cheating app that tags a phone's GPS location at different times of the day can help you to know where they are and if they're actually going where they said they were. Is your other half really staying late at work? Are they actually going to a mate’s house? Now you can know for sure. Other apps offer social media and Internet activity monitoring. It's said that whatever is posted on the Internet is permanently there; all you have to do is find it. Some apps can find all sorts of information related to your lover, either posted by them or others. You can get a report on the likes of location tags, pictures, and more. Finally, some apps are designed for you to hook up the camera from a phone, laptop, etc. to a live feed, meaning you don’t have to find a cheaters spy shop for sophisticated gadgets. You can then tap into that feed and check out what's happening around your home or elsewhere at any time.

Cheaters never prosper, especially when they're under the watchful eye of the people they're supposed to be fooling. All of the above methods can be used separately or combined depending on what type of cheaters apps you're using. One of the best options is the Reverse Phone Lockup Service offered by Cheaters Apps (, allowing you to see who your partner is talking to.