Spotting 7 Signs That My Boyfriend Is Cheating

Do you say to yourself “I wonder if my boyfriend is cheating on me?” People cheat, that’s just the unfortunate reality of our human condition. Although the act of being unfaithful in one’s relationship certainly isn’t confined to any single gender, you will probably find data to support the idea that men typically cheat (or get caught) cheating in the majority of cases when compared to their counterpart. There may not be any one single reason why people cheat, men especially, but there are some signs you can follow to hopefully avoid an emotionally detrimental situation.

How Come Men Cheat?

The potential reasons are far too many to just throw a list at you and say “here, read this!” However, it is common for a few very regularities to emerge such as:

  • Insecurities about their virility
  • An unwillingness to confront emotional hardship
  • Sexual dissatisfaction with their partner
  • Simply scratching an itch when the opportunity shows up

Of course there are tons more reasons any man could choose to drift off into infidelity but most tend to fall into some subsect of what’s listed just above. Another big one revolves around money issues and more specifically a lack of it. During a study done by the University of Connecticut back in 2015, around 15% of men who depend on their partner financially would oftentimes cheat on them. On the opposite side of that same coin, men who bring home more than 70% of the bacon in their household would also cheat on their wives. 

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The Actual Signs My Boyfriend Is Cheating

If you happen to find yourself wondering if your partner is cheating on you but you’re not yet sure how to detect the signals, or maybe you see them but want confirmation then keep reading… we’re about to cover a few big ones.

  1. If he’s unreasonably protective of his phone then chances are he’s guarding something on it. There might be text messages, social media receipts, pictures and the like just lingering around in that phone and he does not want you to discover them for potential incriminating evidence.
  2. Is he way more active on social media than perhaps he should be? If he’s glued to his profile, constantly interacting and probably doing so like a giddy teenager then chances are good he might be using that instead of classic texting to have a bit of back and forth with someone particular. This isn’t a guaranteed red flag but it’s a good thing to look for if those dreaded words “my boyfriend is cheating” cross your mind.
  3. If he’s constantly mentioning a particular someone on a regular basis then you might be witnessing a subtle subconscious tell. Studies have been done on this subject of subtle tells people give away, usually without even realizing it and this is a common one so lookout for it.
  4. He may be spending more time at the office, possibly claiming mandatory overtime and the like. If you notice his usual routine is abruptly changing and he’s just brushing off any explanations as to why then you could be dealing with potential infidelity, be it physical or emotional. 
  5. Do you find that he’s always getting late night texts where before he just wasn’t? Who do you think could be reaching out at this hour of the night, and what do they want?
  6. Additionally, if you find that your husband or boyfriend is communicating with you far less but you don’t understand why… it could be that his needs are being met elsewhere with somebody else.
  7. Some men go the opposite direction and will become overly affectionate in order to makeup for their extra affairs. In their mind, it could be a way of making-good for what they’re up to or it might just be that their affair has sparked something anew in them and they can’t help but let it spill out, even with you. This could get tricky and potentially never lead you to believe that… “my boyfriend is cheating on me” would ever become true.
  8. He is hyper sensitive to the subject of cheating in a relationship. This could be that he’s always bringing it up in a joking manner but at weird times. It might be that he’ll always be accusing you of cheating or that you always seem to think he’s cheating. This might often times bring about aggressive behavior on top of it so looking out for this sign won’t be hard, it’s probably going to just smack you in the face.

How Do You Get Proof?

This one is tricky because it requires that you walk a fine line both morally and legally. Now, this website makes absolutely no claims to proclaim what is morally or legally right or wrong, that’s just not what we exist for. You’ll need to go seek the assistance of the appropriate professional to get legitimate answers for those types of questions and concerns.

You might need to rely on just waiting for him to slip-up. This could be by him leaving his phone laying around while it’s still unlocked. There might be open windows on the computer screen which show a conversation history between him and somebody else. You might even stumble upon something one day while browsing through the browser history of that same computer to lead on that “my boyfriend is cheating on me”.

We can’t in good faith recommend doing anything out of the ordinary in order to obtain confidential information, even though methods do exist out there such as reverse phone number searches and such, often times coming in the form of software. You could hire a professional to investigate for you or just rely on word of mouth from mutual friends and such.

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    I’m sure my boyfriend is cheating with many women thru messenger an a private room in Facebook


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