Undoubtable Signs She’s Possibly Cheating on You Behind Your Back

Nobody wants to be cheated on… well, maybe some folks do as a kinky little fantasy but we’re not talking about that right now. The truth is that there’s always that unfortunate possibility of our significant other losing their way within the relationship and going off to seek the affection and attention of another. 

According to a study performed in 2011 at Indiana University, men and women in a heterosexual relationship tend to cheat at roughly the same rate, with only a small margin of difference at 23% for men and around 19% for women. That said however, once accounting for age, it was found out that each have a tendency to cheat at different stages of a relationship. It’s these differing factors we’re going to dive into a bit deeper and discuss just why it is that women tend to cheat and how to catch those signals it could be happening.

During the study performed in 2011, women between the ages of 20 to 40 were interviewed on why they cheated on their husbands and boyfriends and their answers of course varied widely.

Things such as a lack of intimacy, stressful home situations, excitement of casual encounters with somebody new and even things like pure impulsiveness or even revenge were all noted as reasons for cheating. 

Typical Major Warning Signs of Cheating

There are some red flags you can lookout for when trying to feel out the situation with your partner. Most people let the warning signs slip past them. It doesn’t matter how long the relationship has lasted, there’s always a potential for some of these signals to manifest:

Overly affectionate behaviour can sometimes be a sign of infidelity. Not every single case, it’s going to be up to you to figure out if their behaviour is out of the norm or if she’s just really feeling extra loving lately. This is only one of many possibilities to look out for so keep this in mind.

Emotionally distant behaviour is often times the other side of that same coin. This one will probably be more common than not in relationships which have already grown very mature. Once you and your partner have developed that hyper comfort level and know everything about each other, the possibility of the cheating party growing distant is near the top of the list when it comes to red flags.

More phone time than usual… and often times, they don’t want you to see their screen or hear their conversations if they’re on calls. We are in the times of smartphones being a big part of everyday life but if you happen to notice they’re on that thing way more than usual, or you’re getting those ‘creeper vibes’ and know it’s for good reason then this could be yet another big red flag that cheating is just around the corner.

She’s cheated on past partners & you know it. Now, this should go without saying but so many people want to be the one that’s different. If you know that your partner has cheated in the past, or maybe you’re the one they cheated with and now you’re in a relationship of your own, chances are greater that cheating could happen again.

Signs More Common With Wives

Although there is no line to distinguish between cheating wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends, it’s still safe to say there are a few details some may be prone to more often than others. Let’s talk about what you might detect in a cheating wife.

She’s at a neighbors house fairly often. This one seems weird to most people but it has been known to happen and is one of the noted reasons discussed during that 2011 university study. In fact, according to that survey performed in the study, around 21% of women responded with some level of risk for becoming involved with a neighbor. The fact it’s so close to home has an appeal to excitement for some.

They’re hitting the gym far more often than ever before. This one is often coupled with a change in diet and often times even gives your partner a more radiant vibe once they’ve spent at least a few months at the gym and have begun to notice their physiology changing. It could lead to a higher sex drive for some, put more pep in their step and maybe even give the illusion of being happier in your relationship with them. It’s important to not take this one as gospel but instead pair it with other red flags to know with more certainty. But women who reach a level of maturity who find themselves in a relationship which no longer fulfills them may seek excitement elsewhere and choose to work on their bodies to help them accomplish this.

Signs More Common With Girlfriends

On the other side of things, there are a few signals to better detect a girlfriend might be thinking about, or possibly already is cheating on you and here they are.

Too many details during the typical “how was your day” conversation. A very common sign of someone telling a lie is the pile-on of excessive details in an effort to cover their behinds. The thought process is pretty simple. By offering so many details that all bases are covered, there couldn’t possibly be any room left for questioning. It’s a tactic meant to put your mind at ease and leave you feeling like there is no stone unturned. The problem with this is that most people just don’t think that deeply prior to a casual conversation being had. It’s too much and a signal that you may be dealing with someone lying to cover their tracks.

She suddenly becomes distant and might even find ways to spend days apart from you without a reason why. It could be that she’s just hanging out with friends more often these days, one of which might be that person she’s cheating with. It could be she’s just busy at work do to a schedule shift or maybe she’s simply going through some personal stuff and doesn’t want to involve you in it, you would have to spark up a casual conversation about the details but when things change on a dime and you’re left feeling empty as a result, it’s often a red flag and to be taken seriously.

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Nothing Is A Dead Giveaway

So don’t take any one detail as the smoking gun in this case. It’s vital to feel out the situation and your partner in order to get a more accurate read on them and your relationship. Additionally, taking the aggressive path and jumping to immediate accusations will usually lead to a fight and nothing good ever comes out of that. These things must be handled with care if your goal is to save a relationship.

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