Emotional Affairs Are Dangerous… Are You In The Middle of One Right Now?

Is your significant other spending more time with their phone or on that computer than with you? Have they suddenly (or gradually) grown more noticeably distant from you, not paying you the same level of attention they used to and maybe even brushing you off when you attempt to show them the affection that you crave in return? Now, let’s be honest about one thing before moving forward. Long lasting relationships do eventually taper down in many cases, we aren’t talking about that natural progression of passionate nights turning into loving cuddles in front of the television. Instead, what we’re looking at here is an almost complete shut-off of all emotional bonds, the type that make you feel that sick feeling in your tummy, the kind we all know and recognize when things just aren’t quite right.

Could they be fulfilling their emotional needs somewhere else, and maybe even with somebody else? This is the subject we’re covering and by the end of this helpful article you just might walk away with some new information to help mend your relationship.


How To Know When You’re In An Emotional Affair

They seem distant and uninterested in your advances. They might not even be mean or they quite possibly may still be making an effort but you can just feel that lack of ‘something special’ from within them… they might be involved in an emotional affair.

Maybe you’ve seen them sneaking around on their phone, sending text messages all the time to who knows. They could be spending a lot of extra time on social media sites and even worse, attempting to sneak around on one of those dating sites in order to fulfill that sense of personal validation one can only get from displays of interest from strangers. Whatever the case might be it often times involves the use of a phone or computer thanks to the convenience of social media and high speed internet.


Is There A Difference Between An Emotional & Physical Affair?

In short… yes. But that might not be the case forever if someday the two people involved decide to meet in person and wind up having sex. This is the biggest reason to figure out as soon as you can if there is in fact an emotional affair going on. It’s extremely common for steamy text sessions to happen on a regular basis, that’s right we’re talking about sexting. That’s usually how it starts anyway and oftentimes evolves into phone conversations of an inappropriate nature. Things of this nature tend to form emotional bonds between those involved and who knows just how hot and heavy those words are or how long they’ve been exchanged for before you found out about it or had that sneaking suspicion.


How Can It Impact Your State of Mind?

A happy relationship requires happy people inside of that relationship, if you or your partner are feeling a lack in attention and affection it will no doubt lead to stress within the relationship which can often times branch outside of the relationship.

Looking at your spouse and feeling like they’re a room mate instead of a loved one is commonplace. Feelings of contempt will often form which can lead to deeper negative feelings until one day it might become too difficult to turn back and save things from falling apart. Actively avoiding each other even when in the same room, dividing things up such as sleeping spaces, recreational time and even typical stuff such as eating dinner with your loved one can all be split up over time as a direct result of the emotional wedge infidelity can cause. It all leads to stress and over all unhappiness.

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What Are Some Important Signs Of Emotional Affairs?

  • They’re criticizing you out of nowhere for seemingly nothing
  • They’re now working longer hours than ever before
  • They’re now locking everything down with passwords
  • They might slip up and drop hints you begin catching onto
  • They avoid physical contact and intimacy with you
  • They’re now showing stronger signs of insecurity in the relationship
  • They begin accusing you of cheating to throw off the scent

How Do I Avoid Emotional Infidelity?

There are going to be a lot of different answers to this question depending who you ask. The simple truth is that the truth just is not very simple. You have to be sure that you’re happy with the person you’ve chosen to get involved with, that’s important. Spending time with your chosen partner in times of need, in times of fun and even in times of utter boredom all helps keep your bond strong with them as the more you share with that special somebody will form more feelings of ‘togetherness’ and dependence upon each other in a healthy way.

The sex-life in any relationship usually counts for a lot in the beginning and is expected to slow down over the years. It’s perfectly fine to allow this to happen provided the two people involved feel content and even satisfied with how things gradually change. If this isn’t the case you might want to have regular and very open discussions about one another’s needs to see where you two could meet in the middle.

We’re very busy people in today’s age of fast information and business needs. Everyone is constantly on the move and that’s nobody’s fault. Don’t blame him for always working and don’t blame her for seeming tired all the time if she’s tending to the up-keep around your home. It’s essential to get those things done which is why you’ll have to do your best to work around busy schedules and find a common ground. Stop the needless bickering and avoid arguments in favor of calm discussions, yelling at each other will never accomplish anything.


4 thoughts on “Emotional Affairs Are Dangerous… Are You In The Middle of One Right Now?

  • February 19, 2019 at 2:06 pm

    I know this is what’s going on with my marriage 1 million percent. All I need is an app to track his text and etc.without having access to his phone. There is absolutely no way I can get his phone to put an app on it so I need one where I don’t have too. So please help me with that. Thank you and God Bless

    • April 19, 2019 at 11:39 pm

      Hey did you find an app? I am dealing with the same thing! So much that he is using encryption emails to accelerated mobile pages and third party apps etc…. to be honest I know of those types of things but NO CLUE HOW TO WORK THROUGH IT! I just need to track his phone involvement with some kind of screen recorder he won’t see for proof.

  • April 9, 2019 at 5:09 am

    Same here when I figure it out let me kno

  • August 19, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    Yes I too would like to know also


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