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Tips To Find Your Millionaire Husband And Marry Rich

Maybe you’re divorced and feel like you deserve better, or perhaps you’re simply single and on the lookout for your match who can partner up with you on this journey we call life- and if they happen to have a few million bucks in the bank all the better!

Question is, how do you actually find these bachelors and what do you actually do when you snag one for your very own? Well, it just so happens that’s what we’re talking about today so keep on reading and lets find out.


What really makes you happy?

Whatever it is, go out there and find it.

Chances are that when you find your millionaire match they’re going to be really busy working and traveling- it’s just the way it goes when you’re in the big leagues. It’s for this reason alone that you need to find things to pass the time productively when you’re not vacationing in the Bahamas or staring lovingly into your new infinity pool.

Find a job or start a career that’ll make you truly happy in a fulfilling way. Write a book or work on something that you can really invest your creativity and expression into. Take the opportunity to go back to school and learn a new skill or take up a new trade, whatever the case may be it’s necessary to remind yourself that you can only lounge around in that fancy house with those expensive things for so long before you just grow bored of the novelty.

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Bump elbows with the rich people

There’s definitely a fair chance that your local millionaire shops at the same places you do, and who’s to say that you won’t miraculously bump into them one day! The truth however is that we both know that chances of that is very slim to none which means if you want to shack up for the long-haul with your future wealthy spouse then you’re probably going to need to place yourself where he might be.

How do you ‘spontaneously’ bump into your future hubby? You could be a total weirdo about it and scope out the places you know rich men congregate like any surrounding golf courses & yacht clubs. I wouldn’t really recommend that however, it’s just weird.



Instead, you might want to do more subtle things such as taking your workout routine to places you know wealthy men might go, or just go for a jog around rich neighborhoods.

Spend more time at ritzy bars and maybe even attend charity events and art gallery exhibits if you can get the opportunity. The key is to simply act as if you do this sort of thing on the regular, but not necessarily that it’s your whole life… it’s just something to pass time with.

You could always relocate to the known areas where wealthy men live, cities such as:

  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Seattle


I’m sure there are more that could go on that list but you get the idea. Moving cities, and in some cases, even states, can be a big deal and not cheap either. I’m not suggesting you ditch your life to go live in a basement like a hobbit, but if you did you just might stand a higher chance of bumping into your future wealthy mate.


Get a handle on personal finances

Look, you might be a brain-child when it comes to handling your own money- I don’t know. In the unlikely event that you’re not however, you might want to consider getting a grip on how you spend money. The truth is that just because a man makes a ridiculous amount of money doesn’t mean they have never ending pockets. If you partner up with a wealthy man he’s probably very in tune with his finances and will expect his wife to exhibit at least some sense of financial responsibility- especially when she’s spending his money.


Finding your richy-rich soulmate

So you’ve decided to do what it takes and are now living with 5 roommates in the middle of a big expensive city. Maybe you’ve found one of those “rich men dating sites” and you’re hunting for whatever you can find, sparking up conversation and seeing what comes of it… great!

Be patient though, these things won’t necessarily happen overnight. By the way, those rich men dating sites, yeah those are real, look it up and I’m sure you’ll find a few. At the very least you’re bound to land a sugar daddy, which is like, still pretty cool.


Prenuptial Agreements & You

I think we pretty much all know what these are, but did you know that in many cases having a prenup in place can actually help you more than hurt you? Here’s what they don’t tell you about the marriage courts and prenups.

Firstly, it all depends on which state and in some cases, which city/county you live in- but mostly state.

Each state has differences in how they handle divorces and some will favor you more than others. If you happen to be in a state where you’re pretty much assured to not have your butt covered in the hopefully unlikely event of a divorce then it’s a great idea to have something in writing that will at least float you for a few years while you work on getting yourself on track.

Anytime these contracts are drafted it’s a good idea to get your own legal counsel that can better guarantee you’re getting the best possible deal in your prenup. Let’s hope it never comes into use, but in the event that it does it’s better to have it than not.


What if you suspect he’s cheating?

An unfortunate possibility women who marry wealthy have to face is the chance that their husband is off getting a little too cozy with some random woman during one of his “business trips.”

To put it simply, if you can get to the bottom of things using some of the information found in other articles on this blog, maybe even get access to his contacts and see if you can spot any suspicious phone numbers.


If you actually do wind up finding some phone numbers which look “not quite right” to you then you can always look them up Right Here.

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