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Is Your Spouse Snooping Around Craigslist? Find Out With These Codes

So you’re cruising the information superhighway and discover that the website for Craigslist pops up anytime you type the letter “C” into your browser… “That’s weird”.

You don’t visit the wild west of the internet, and you know that your significant other doesn’t either- right?

Out of nothing more than curiosity you check the site out and notice it’s already pre-set to your city, another red flag. Pretty soon you’ll be able to decorate a used car lot with all these red flags! On top of this stuff you notice that some of the links are already highlighted, and they’re in the personals section of the site.


Browsing some of the bizarre listings you start to notice that a few of them are also highlighted which is an indication they’ve been visited by your computer. Opening a few of these up you begin to see some really weird words you can’t quite figure out the meaning of. Those weird words are going to be the focus of today’s reading.

By deciphering what this gibberish means you’ll be able to better understand if you’ve got anything to possibly worry about or if your spouse is just looking around out of boredom or whatever.



Your Craigslist Decoder-Ring

Fun Times: We’re starting off with possibly one of the more obvious ones. “Fun times” pretty much means the poser wants to hook up. You’re usually going to spot this one in the “casual hookup” section of the personals. If you happen to stumble upon this more than a few times it could be safe to say you should toss another shiny red flag on the pile.

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Massage or Casual Encounters: Let’s just start off by saying that a lot of these offers for massages expect some sort of monetary exchange to take place for services rendered, if you catch my drift. Not only that, if you happen to see DDF somewhere in the post which means “drug/disease free” you can bet your bottom dollar they might be lying. If that isn’t enough to keep you from responding to such an add how about the fact that Newsweek did a report which illustrated how Craigslist hookups were responsible for about 16% increase in cases of HIV.


ABR/ANR: Keeping it simple, this one stands for Adult Breastfeeding Relationship or Adult Nursing Relationship. If your partner is hitting these ads up then something’s most certainly afoot and you should get to the bottom of it using the resource listed at the bottom of this article.


Cranked / Molly / Tina / Poppy / Ski / Ice / Skate: And so many others! All of it means drugs of various sorts.


Help / Tips / Donation / “Generous” / Roses / Sugar: All of this means money for services rendered. You’re going to see a lot of propositioning for sex in exchange for cash on Craigslist; we call this prostitution in the real world.


Wet-Works / Water Works: You’ve probably guessed it- they want to either pee on you, or be peed on.


It goes down in the emails

The usual means of communication between people on Craigslist is email. There will be times when people try to put their phone numbers down in clever ways (because Craigslist doesn’t allow actual phone numbers in posts) and they’re easy to identify. It’ll usually look something like this:


2 one oh – 7 seven too… fourtyfive eleven


Now, I don’t recommend you bother texting these numbers much less calling them. But I suppose if you have a creeping suspicion and you just have to know then the resource is there at your disposal.

One thing to note is that these posts often times get pulled down from Craigslist, this is known as “flagging” and when that happens then you might not get to see everything that’s been going on with the site but chances are good you’ll still be exposed to most of it… if you can count on that as “good news.”


Check those contacts

It won’t take long before the emails move over to texts and often times actual phone calls. If you suspect something is up it might serve well to check your spouse’s contacts list. Jot those numbers down or snap a few screenshots and text them back to yourself… just be sure to delete them immediately because that’ll just seem weird to them if not.


Once you’ve got the goods head over to THIS RESOURCE and get to work. You just might uncover something you had no clue of before.


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