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4 Dating Sites Fit For Finding Someone Soon

A lot of “hook-up” apps have popped up over the very few recent years and there’s no denying they each have their place. But what happens when you don’t really want to do the whole quick-fix, late night hook up thing? I mean, sure… you could always turn to Craigslist to meet your dream man or woman (by the way, for the love of God and your own body please don’t ever search for somebody on Craigslist- read this article if you’re curious why).


Tinder jokes aside, this is the information age and where it was once considered “weird” to meet and eventually get to know someone from the internet it’s now such common place that almost nobody even gives it a second thought. That’s why we’re going to go over four of the most popular (and highly potential) dating sites that you can check out right after reading this if you wanted to!




We’re going to kick this list off for all you spectacular folks in the [ 50 & over crowd ] because yes, though you might not realize it, there’s someone for everybody and sometimes you just need to make your search a tiny bit easier by jumping on board with a niche site meant to make it easier for you.

This is actually one of the largest sites which is dedicated specifically to those who are looking to find that special someone to share this stage in life with. Profiles are not overly complicated and in fact are simplified to make it easy to navigate the site.



Chances are fairly high that you’ve maybe seen this dating site advertised somewhere before, they tend to get around. Something that makes them rather unique compared to most others is their exclusive matching system.

Instead of browsing through profiles like you’d get in the majority of other match-sites, you’ll go through a series of very carefully and intentionally designed questions to get a feel for the type of person you’d be interested in. once that process is completed you’ll be given suggestions for matches based on the eHarmony algorithm and from what I understand it works pretty darn well!



Match is another giant in the online dating scene and that means there are a lot of potentials out there. They let you set up a basic profile for free and who knows, you just might have some good luck with that. In order to reach out to other members you will have to cough up the subscription fee but this is actually a good thing in the long run because what that means is that the other people who you’ll be getting familiar with are all in the same boat as you.

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Something to be aware of with the freebie profile sites is that although there are a good number of legitimate profiles on these sites, there are also a number of fakes and catfish too. We’re going to go over some best practices to help you stay safe in just a moment, but you should always keep your wits about you when dealing with dating sites. Sometimes you’re bound to run into one or two of those weirdoes. The great news is that these sites make it super-duper simple to just block those ones and move on to somebody who isn’t a complete waste of your time!



Up to this point all the sites mentioned come with a price tag. You could argue that this might mean you’re bound to find a higher quality of service with “better options” and you’re not necessarily wrong by that assumption either. However, the fact that OkCupid is a free to use site doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t still have a good experience.

This site in particular has something called “Quickmatch” which allows you to scroll through good matches based on your own profile. Doing this would make things quick and easy to get started, probably why it has that name when you think about it.



Being Safe Online

Let’s talk about online dating safety for a moment. I know we’re probably all grownups here and fully capable of taking care of ourselves, I’m not doubting that for one moment.

However, there are a few things that I think would be good to mention real quick so here it goes.


Meet in public first. A lot of times what you’re going to find are people wanting to just go straight for the Netfix and chill scenario and though I’m not speaking out against it, you might do well to meet this potential new person in your life in a public setting just to be sure if they do have something up their sleeve you’re covered.

Don’t get totally wasted. Go out for a few drinks when you first meet up, maybe even hit up a bar or something, totally cool. Just do your best not to get so far gone off alcohol that you decide to throw all your inhibitions to the wind… this is a very poor decision upon a first time meet.

Check them out first. See if you can get their digits, or maybe even their social media profile (outside of the dating one you’ve already discovered them on) and do a bit of quick detective work. It’s not creepy when your very safety is involved. Who knows what this person truly thinks outside of what they’re telling you. Do you think there could be any reason at all they might be hiding something from you? Look them up!


Check out THIS LINK if you want to do a quick reverse phone-lookup if you have their number. See if they actually are who they claim to be. Or, if you have other details about them you might find the other tools available on THIS PAGE very helpful.


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