Powerful 4 Step Formula to Stop Cheating Dead In Its Tracks

The kind of pain caused by cheating cannot be accurately expressed in words. Often it feels like the very core of one’s being has been ripped off and shattered. There is a way though one can reduce and or even put a stop to it and rebuild a stronger relationship.

In this article, we shall discuss some four powerful steps to stop the vice dead in its tracks and live past the pain. However, it’s important to recognize that often cheating is a symptom not an end in itself. This way we understand that there could always be more to cheating.


Recognize that it is a problem

One might imagine that cheating is justifiable. Not everyone is sorry about betraying their partner. They may have no remorse for their actions. Often this leads to disregard for one’s partner’s feelings. The first step therefore is to accept that cheating is wrong.


Communicate the Problem

Communication is a key component of relationships. We are human beings and we need to communicate. As earlier indicated, cheating is often a symptom to more complex issues in relationships. The only way to avoid such complexities is to let them out through effective, open, and honest communication – It’s a sure way to find the root cause of the problem.


Find Practical Solutions

Sometimes we feel that if we live things alone, they might magically rearrange themselves in the right order. Indeed time is a healer but not always. Hoping that things will fix themselves in a relationship scenario is quite unfortunate. You need to develop a strategy to deal with the cheating. It might involve letting go of friends or bad company that sway you to feel it is okay to lie. Trying to revive the romance is also an integral part of it especially if you feel the sexual appeal is lost. It may also require that you sign up for a workout plan and to shape up your wardrobe.

Communication as earlier stated is also important at this level. Always improve on it – to spice up the connection between yourselves and to strengthen the bond that holds the relationship together. Always share your thoughts and ideas and complement your partner on brilliant ideological contributions.

Philosophically, remember Aristotle’s eudemonic principle of happiness – complement one another, create time for one another and share light moments. Perhaps the most difficult is the fact that success may only be realized when both partners work together. By the way, diverting your attention to another often serves to fuel cheating.

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Rekindling the lost love.

When all is said and done, love is a lot of things. In the process of going about daily events to survive and meet responsibilities, we may once in a while lose track of ourselves and the love we had for one another. This calls for ‘default setting’.

After taking into action the changes you need to make, be vigilant about it. The cheating cycle can come back around. Working on your relationship is therefore an everyday endeavor. Every aspect of one’s relationship needs to be maintained and kept alive. There needs to be communication, friendship, romance, financial responsibility and sexual satisfaction.


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  • January 8, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    My husband is running away and get very ago if I ask him to sit down and we can talk what are we gonna do regarding the affair from about 7years long distance. And the porn that make him lust for the devil and his friends he mastebuit the all night’s. And that has made him PDS nars, how can you help a man with that problem.


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