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Odds are that throughout your battle with the nagging feeling that your spouse or someone you’re dating is cheating, you’ve thought about just tracking them down. This is not at all an invalid option. While many others prefer to go through weeks or even months of snooping and logging daily actions you could just…find them. This is the big deal though with this, if you stop in unannounced once and don’t catch your girlfriend, or husband in the act, you’ve lost your secretive edge. The advantage you have over them because they’re so busy trying to be sneaky they don’t even notice that you’ve caught on to them.

You should also be mentally prepared for what you’ll probably find. Walking right in or tracking down your cheating significant other should turn out no surprises if your navigation system leads you right into a motel parking center. No one can come to find this completely prepared but you can build up the mental expectation that what you will find isn’t going to be a pretty situation.

Once you’re all mentally set and have thought over how those gut feelings are probably taking over right, now how do you do it? Well, we’re going to start out with the best option possible with today’s technology. The benefit of how much we have advanced in recent years is narrowed down to appreciation for really one system and that is GPS tracking.


When you are looking for someone, the best way to do it is to put a tracker in their car, or on their phone. Mobile devices are outfitted with location tracking from their manufacturers, the only tricky part here is activating it to transmit to you without them knowing. There are lots of invisible apps that can be installed on your cheaters device without them knowing. This will deliver the information to you about the location history and will allow you to watch their every move before you make the big plunge of charging open a closed door in a small suburban home.

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Be careful about breaking and entering, you really shouldn’t do it and it could result in lots of trouble for you. These invisible apps work out well; one of the things to keep in mind is that you still, at some point have to have access to the device itself to install them. Other apps don’t install as ‘invisible’ either and have to be hidden. Make sure you allot yourself time for device handling if you’re choosing to use a mobile device. The only other possible break in the plan with using a mobile device is that when phones are turned off or are dead from not being charged, you’ll have no tracking. This is a decision killer for most because of how easy it is to turn off a phone. There are other, far more reliable options though that have a more classic spy feel to them.

The function of gadget or spy shops turns from child’s play to tracking your significant others every move by how accurate the device is. You can get a cheap GPS tracking device however, the more expensive ones are smaller, and have better accuracy. Stow it away in their car under their drivers seat or tucked away in their gym bag. The idea is that they should never even know that it’s there.

Then get in the car and strap on your seat belt because you are about to catch your cheater in the act. 

Red Handed

Cheaters rely on lies, cunning and smooth talking to relinquish your concerns that they’re messing around. Well, you’ve taken all of that away and in this situation are giving them no chance to deflect any accusations because … well there they are. Don’t allow them to explain; definitely don’t try to exchange introductions. Don’t even acknowledge the other person involved in the situation.

Remember growing up that feeling of your stomach dropping because someone caught you in the very middle of doing something that you knew you would be in trouble for. That’s what’s happening here. There’s only the development of their cover stories and lies falling apart in front of them. It’s actually pretty satisfying. 

No Doubt

The greatest benefit you have here of just storming in, or even subtly waiting by his car outside of the hotel room is that your doubt is eased. There’s no feeling of shame in weeks of tracking them and reading their text messages. The nagging feeling of anxiety and constant questioning is gone. You are freed from the doubt that clouded your mind and now have a concise image of who your spouse or significant other really is. People overrule our better judgment with how we want to see the good in them and that is no longer a protective barrier. You’re ready to confront them and it’s raw, and cold. The buffer is gone and the only concern to keep in mind when you are addressing this with them is that no one should become violent. That includes you. 

Easiest Confrontation

Often spouses struggle with the confrontation because it’s like all of their suspicions and some evidence to help support their claims are coming together. They have a face off with their significant other where they still have options to ‘explain’ or even some apologize their way out of it. “Baby I’m sorry, it didn’t mean anything, it’ll never happen again” we’ve all heard that in some bad movie, or even real life which is more terrible. When cheaters are caught red handed, apologizing is their only option. There’s no excuse to fall back on and that makes finding a cheater the easiest option for confrontation.

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Be prepared to deflect any possibly present apology or explanation. You have all of the answers you need. There’s no requirement from you to acknowledge anything the cheater has to say about the situation. The only thing that needs to be made clear in a confrontation like this is that they were found, caught, and that their lies didn’t protect them at all. Then you can hope that if anything positive comes out of this, they’ll be that much less likely to cheat on the next person.

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