How you can use infidelity cases to your advantage


Before I set off on our course today, I’d love to clarify the fact that this write up is by no way seeking to justify the act of cheating in a relationship.

However, the purpose of it is to help those who have been a victim of infidelity in marriages and teach them on how they can take advantage of this ugly incident and use it to their advantage in making their relationship a more better and stronger one.

The logic behind this is very simple, we can never know what being strong is until being strong is the only thing we have left, just as we can’t learn to appreciate a good thing if we have never tasted the bad one.

As such, rather than fight over your partner or yourself for being a victim of infidelity in marriage, how about I tell you where this can be used to your own advantage in strengthening your bond with your partner.

It’s going to be a rather contradictory post, with self-explanatory logics. So, that being said, what areas can this be visible in?



Lao Tzu once said, “He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted”. This is quite true in the essence that, if one finds it hard in trusting others, it invariably means they don’t trust themselves.

Trust is one of the few things on earth that takes a colossal of time and effort to build, which also can collapse in a matter of time. It takes just an action of about a minute to destroy a trust that has been created for years. Thus, in whenever we’re in a relationship we ought to be aware of how fragile trust it.

But when we have been cheated upon by our partners, how then can we use the pain being inflicted on us from it to our advantage.

Its quite simple, all you have to do is try your best into trusting the person again and this is why it is important. Trust rebuilt are sometimes stronger than the first one.

When lovers come back after trust had been broken, the later is always stronger than the former.

Thus, if you’re faced with a marital adversary like infidelity, then I’d advice you calm down, take things easy and use them to your advantage. Take it or leave it, there is no better time to build a stronger trust than when your marital union has been struck by a predicament like an infidelity.



Another way you can use an infidelity issue to your advantage is in building understanding.

Most often than not, people flare up whenever they have been struck by this nightmare. Of course, its only human that we react that way, but, I’d love to let us know that we can use this to further build our relationship in the facet of understanding.

At this point, the right thing to do after being mad at your partner and all for committing such an act is to now make and analysis. By analysis I mean, trying to figure out what went wrong for them to cheat on you, who they did it with and why.

This way, you’ll be able to understand the reason behind their action and then succinctly understand them more. The truth is, people don’t just do things without a reason, and the case is no different when it comes to infidelity.

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A Fresh Start

One of the best time to kick off a new start in a relationship its when it has hit rock bottom.

As I said earlier, you can’t appreciate joy if you haven’t felt pain, can’t appreciate riches if you have never been poor, and can’t appreciate faithfulness in a relationship if you haven’t been betrayed by your partner before in the aspect of infidelity.

So, rather than calling it a quit when an affliction like this strikes your relationship, why not use it as a basis for a fresh start. And this you can achieve by sitting down with your partner and discussing on the way forward to a fresh start.

Most often than not, when this happens, it’s always at the advantage of the victim in d relationship, as the other spouse will invest much effort into making the new start a huge success. After all, you just gave them a second chance!

In a nutshell, somethings are blessings in disguise. Thus, the best advice to those in a marital setting is to always look for a way out of a problem, rather than giving up on each other.

Just as Jim Rohn said, “Focus on the solution, not on the problem.”


One thought on “How you can use infidelity cases to your advantage

  • August 25, 2019 at 12:07 am

    I would like to know what you are to say if the cheater won’t give you a straight answer why? How am I supposed to just forget the infidelity and start trusting again?


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