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How to See the Text Messages of a Cheater

Cheaters Know How To Play

Odds are, if you have a cheater in your relationship it’s not this persons first go around in this game. They start young, and just seem to enjoy the cycle. This is just mind boggling to the rest of us, the stress of lies and cover ups seems enough to deter most normal people. However cheaters get really good at covering up their tracks, keeping their lives separate or lying like crazy to stay in a half decent relationship.

Experienced cheaters know that their phone is never safe and that there are more red flags sent up when they safeguard it with their life. So why not just delete the messages, pictures or other incriminating evidence and leave the phone itself lying around anywhere?

Technology, while having benefits for us seeking small amounts of truth in this world has helped these people out too. If they want to save the pictures or messages for maybe, reference material, all they need to do is put it in an unshared cloud account. Is that the best place for them? Definitely not, but is it the best place to hide it from you? Of course! Cheaters aren’t concerned with protecting anyone’s privacy other than their own and they hide behind today’s modern definition of ‘user’ to benefit from every devices user privacy protection.

Device creators aim to maintain the privacy of the user itself, not the account holder or purchaser. In recent years we’ve seen this definition become slightly blurred from parents wanting the right to know who their child is texting, or pictures their teen may be sending. We’ve also had a wave of concerned family members, who ‘simply want to know where their family is at, at all times’. That may seem a little creepy but somebody totally bought it and now we have device makers helping us out too now. 

Being Ahead of the Game With New Technology

Use apps, systems, programs and get technology savvy. There are many applications out there such as Teen Safe or The Truth Spy that work fantastically and give you all the information or access you could want in order to see the text messages of a cheating spouse. The applications are really a better option now than most others because of how everyone relies on at least one device for the majority of their communication.

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Some Googling about installing invisible apps or hiding applications will give you the most direct answers within the first few results. These are useful tools that allow you to install software meant for ‘family safety’ on to a device and then ensure that the device user never sees the application. Using this to your advantage with most apps you’ll be able to see all of this persons text messages, WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook messages from your phone or for some programs from your computer. The technology is there, so no more excuses on not looking into all of the red flags of a cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Know What They’re Saying, and to Who!

With the applications we just went over, you’ll get to see the full text messages, and responses whether they deleted them from their device or not. You won’t have to try to scroll through messages while they’re out of the room any longer. They’ll see a more trusting spouse or girlfriend and you’ll see what this significant other or boyfriend is up to when they think you’re all trusting. Get all of the information, phone number, time, date and message content.

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile

Three of the biggest mobile network providers right now are quickly becoming more and more understanding of the need for text message transcripts. These are often used in small civil cases, for instance one person claiming they spoke with one and the other party claiming the conversation never took place. So these three companies have worked to create systems that they use to allow access of text messages with ease to account holders, and account managers.

So this will only work out really well if you’re on the same account, and hopefully both account holders. The idea that you can simply have the account information isn’t going to go over well with these guys and that level of infiltration is not recommended. Long time boyfriend that you guys share a phone bill for now, or a spouse where you’ve had this account for a while, this is going to really pay off for you now.

First, call the phone company, or check your online account. You might really enjoy calling them because most often the service centers for these three companies are really helpful although we do prefer T-Mobile. They can walk you through the entire process and they don’t really pry into the ‘why’ of you needing these transcripts. You can actually just say “Hey I need the last 30 days of text messages for (cheaters phone number) on my account.”. They’ll proceed to ask some fairly non-invasive questions and get them to you.

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Verizon actually has a pretty cool system that supports you viewing text messages easily from an app called ‘Verizon Messages’. You have to go through My Verizon and create a separate account for that individual phone number which is fine as long as you are one of the account holders and have all of the account information. Then you can see all of this numbers text message interactions online or on your phone. 

They’re Here To Help

When you call these phone companies, or use an application designed for family safety, they’re there to help. If you’re having a problem accessing the information, which can make you feel like you’re hopeless trying to fix these things on a device you can’t really get to all the time; reach out. Apples AppStore, the Google PlayStore, your wireless carrier or the software designer that you’re using. These are all outlets that you have to find a solution if you’re having trouble with any application that you’re using to see text messages. The greatest thing is that seeing text messages is such a common need now that there’s no questions or prying eyes. These phone companies simply want to help you get your monitoring up and going properly.

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