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Is She Lying To You? How To Find Out Now

Is your woman lying to you and you can’t yet prove it but you just have that gut feeling? Maybe she’s hiding something, could be small… could be something big! Maybe it isn’t even your own lady, maybe your dad’s new wife seems shady and you just have to find out what’s really up.



Does she seem shady?

You can’t put your finger on it exactly, but something just seems “off.” You’re not exactly sure what it is, or even if you’re right about this feeling, but you do know that you want to find out for sure before you decide to act on it.


Did you just start dating?

It’s obvious that when you start dating someone you want to know that you can trust them. They will probably meet your friends, your family, everybody who truly matters in your life and you don’t want to bring some sociopath or pathological liar into your close circle so making sure you’ve picked the right one is crucial.



It’s understandable that getting to know somebody takes time, but keeping a semi-skeptical mind (even if only in the back of your mind) can only do you some good.


She’s dating someone close to you

Maybe this woman isn’t dating you but your dad, brother or best friend and no matter what you tell yourself you just can’t shake those crazy vibes she’s giving you.

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In cases like this it’s important to proceed with caution because it’s very possible that if you confront these men who are close to you with something like this they won’t take it well. It could even possibly lead to an abrupt end in your relationship with them, that’s just not what we’re going for here.

Do your best to be there for these men, be supportive when they need it, offer up suggestions and spark up casual talks that might help them come to these conclusions on their own… and when they’re ready to find out for themselves, pass them THIS LINK so they can begin the detective work.


Is she “too good to be true”

The short answer is probably “yes.” She seems like an angel walking earth and she has everybody else fooled, but not you.

There are no bizarre or embarrassing pictures of her on Facebook. Every Google search you perform on her comes up clean. Yet, no matter how little you find on this chick, you can’t shake that feeling- something’s just not quite right with this one.

Chances are good that all her dirty little secrets are on her phone. If you, or someone else could just get access to those contacts you can cross-reference them with legit info from a reverse-lookup.



Does she have a short temper?

Here’s the thing. Women know that all they have to do is throw a little sass and it’ll shut most men right up quick. If you happen to notice that anytime she’s getting backed into a corner she cranks up the anger instead of diffusing the situation with a level head then something just might be up with this chick.


Where do you go from here?

It all comes down to the situation.

If she’s not your girl then you’ll have a really hard time doing much of anything about it. This is where discretion comes into play. You’ll need to simply be there for the friends, brothers & father in your life who may be going through some things with the woman in their lives.

Is she’s someone that you’re dating, perhaps a girlfriend you’ve grown suspicious of or maybe even a spouse? I mentioned before that most people keep all their dirty little secrets on their phones. If you can access that contact list freely then there’s a chance she’s possibly got some false names in her list.

That’s where a handy tool like a reverse number look-up comes into play. Notice female names or blatantly obvious “work numbers” in that list that seem out of place? Jot them down and head over to THIS LINK to give them a look-up.


Or click the image below for your convenience. You just never know what you might discover-


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