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How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

They’re Cheating and You Know It

Suspecting a spouse of cheating is a terrible feeling, and it can only really be subsided by enough snooping to disprove your feelings or it just gets worse. Starting an investigation when you feel it happening rather than waiting for a hint or subtle clues is for the best. You really want to start looking into what they’re doing when they won’t suspect you of being suspicious. It’s a full cycle of distrust and being found tracking your wife or husbands every more can be nearly as damaging to your relationship if it turns out that they’re not in fact cheating.

Evaluate what you’re counting as a red flag before starting in with a full-blown investigation. Are these genuine reasons for concern, or have you jumped to conclusions? This isn’t something you want to question right now but understanding how these are genuine concerns will be a driving force in pursuing truth through ways that you may be deterred because of wanting to respect your spouse. If you truly believe that your spouse is cheating, the space they are given as respect for that person and their privacy is gone. We are going to implement technology and make it work for you.

Step One: Technology

So there are all sorts of applications for their mobile phones or tablets and a ton of software for your spouse’s computer. This, along with an array of relatively new spy methods to setup audio and video recording throughout your house or use GPS trackers, there’s no way your spouse can hide from you. Recently renovated from stumped wife or husband with suspicions to an edgy undercover spy, you’ll find out what’s going on in short order.

These apps mentioned can really be narrowed down to two really great ones: Teen Safe and My Truth Spy. They have a variety of free counter parts that are just a tiny bit less reliable. How most of these apps work is by using the features already available on the phone and recording the content, audio or usage on the device. Both Teen Safe and My Truth Spy have functions that track the content of text messages, Facebook messages, and WhatsApp messages. These two also have the features of GPS tracking and My Truth Spy has ambient audio recording. So while all of this happens in the phone operating background, your spouse will never be the wiser after you install it. They’ll never see the application, or get a notification from it. It’s completely invisible to the user of the device once you get it setup.

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The other technology, the really good stuff, you can find at spy shops. You can find miniature hidden cameras that you can place throughout the house disguised as fully functioning around the house, every day objects. Or you can place a small GPS tracker under their drivers seat for a full account of their trail throughout the day, as you weren’t present. All of this technology is made so that your life is easier when dealing with this situation. Don’t rely on the age old following your spouse two cars back to see where they’re going. Who has time for that? Let it be, and watch on your own time and at your convenience what texts are being sent and received and where they have been going.

Step Two: Asking Questions

Now you don’t have to start out by accusing, you simply have to start asking basic questions. Not to raise their suspicions that you’re catching on either, and don’t make speculative statements like “oh you’re suddenly working late a lot”. Just as, “oh what took you so long at work?”. What this does is it forces them to give you some form of an answer and then they start racking up the lie points.

The lies are going to be the final nail in their coffin because even if you catch them red handed but never in a lie, they could apologize it away and say they’ll change. By the time you come to confronting them, you’ll have seen how many lies your spouse has told you. You’ll be too aware of how often they’ve tried to cover up for themselves whenever it was questioned. By not making speculative statements to their responses you accomplish two things: 1. You’re not giving them too many hints that you think something is up, and 2. You’re not feeding in to their cover-ups. Answering to their response with only “oh okay” allows them time to reflect on what they just said because you’re not extending a conversation. You’re only acknowledging that they did give you an answer.

Step Four: Compile Evidence

You’ve gone through the steps of tracking, monitoring and observing their every move for maybe a week or even a few months if they’re particularly sneaky. Now you have to dig through everything you’ve found. This is the one part where technology makes it more difficult because now you have so much information you have to determine what it is that is incriminating and what is just fluff. The key things to look for when you’re sorting through the dealings of a cheating spouse is to focus on newly forged habits.

People in general are creatures of habit and if he realized he could tell you he works late on Wednesdays then he’ll probably keep seeing whoever it is on the side, you know, on Wednesdays. The theory they have here is that if one day in particular you’re really busy or don’t mind so much that they’re out, then it’s like a license to kill.

Firstly draw out the recent explanations your spouse has had for being late or blowing you off. Then mark in a time line of when they’re supposed to be in specific places. Work, a weekly dinner at the In-Laws house you try to avoid these sorts of things that they are already obligated to. So you have two time lines, one with their obligations and a second with the excuses on when daily routines were altered or plans were changed short notice. This is what you want to focus on.

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For SMS message tracking evaluate maybe the couple of hours of activity before they blew you off. It’s common these days to send a courtesy text to let someone know that you’re on the way. This is the immediate okay, she’s going somewhere. Then utilize the GPS tracking in order to get an idea on where your spouse has been sneaking off to. After you have the raw facts, you’re ready to confront your cheating spouse.

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