How to Use a Free Reverse Directory on a Cheater

What Is a Reverse Directory

A reverse directory is the cross-referencing or reserve reference of phone numbers. So when you stumble upon a phone number in your potentially cheating spouse, boyfriend or girlfriends phone that you’ve never seen and … giant red flag… isn’t a saved contact you can find out what information is attached to that number.

We’d like to point out that to accompany numbers that aren’t saved as a contact is closely followed with numbers that are saved with odd or cryptic names or phrases. So if you see ‘Pale moonlight’ as a contact in your dear spouses phone, We’d go ahead and say it’s safe to assume that’s where he’s dancing with the devil… If you catch our drift.

This reverse directory workings is not actually new technology, many companies have been using it for years to reference customer information, tracking, and purchases. The ever-popular loyalty programs that bring down your total price by telling the nice lady behind the register your phone number… that’s what you’re going to do now. Except you probably won’t be aiming to save a cheating spouse some cash, but it’s still mostly the same thing. 

The Easiest Way

There’s a number of newer brands out there trying to sport that they’re the best, fastest and most reliable… thing’s we have all heard before, in reverse directory services. Now since we just covered that, this isn’t new technology don’t get sucked in to signing up for a service or worse, get involved in anything listed as a ‘free download’. Don’t do it.


The absolute easiest way at this moment in time to reverse search a phone number is so simple we can’t even explain how much we wanted to kick ourselves after not realizing it. Use Facebook… Yes, Facebook, shortly followed by Google.

The reason this is that Facebook works constantly to make each person easier to reach and more available to those on the social network. You don’t have to be friends with this person because it’s part of their search tools. As in, hey I have this number in my phone but I don’t remember this guys name from that drunken one nightstand, I should find them on Facebook. Overall, that’s not a great idea; however we’re’ sure that it has helped numerous people connect or reconnect.

Using Facebook to search, also helps those who suspect a cheater in their relationship to find out who that number is that the boyfriend just doesn’t want to answer when he’s around you. It’s probably not mom, but all mom’s have Facebook now so you’ll be sure to find out. 

Investigation Underway

From your Facebook page go to the ‘Find Friends’ search tool. Type in the number, with area code and wait. This is a much shorter list usually only giving one or two results and you immediate answers. Conclusive and to the point, there’s not much snooping or searching needed after the number turns out results.

Now if for whatever reason your particular cheater has found someone that doesn’t have a Facebook account, you can always turn to Google or use other services. Google is also very easy to work with. While Google did disable its super huge database of numbers a few years ago, it still turns out very accurate search results and you’ll normally get lucky with the first non-ad result.

What will turn up immediately is if this number is attached to any social site. Including but not limited to, twitter, instagram, and dating social networking sites. Google will bring back reliable results even though at first glance it seems like an oversaturation of phone numbers. We Google searched our own number and the results page was just phone numbers everywhere (ha! No social media accounts). Until we clicked on the first result, scrolled down on that page and selected our number and it gave my town, state and zip code.

We try to fly a bit under the radar but we tried it out on a few friends (it’s totally not creepy) and a ton of their social media information came up. After you’ve achieved a name you can easily get more information, from Google searching their name and zip code. This will often pull up their registered street address. Try this method out on yourself; you might have some quality control and brand monitoring to do. 

Free Vs. Paid

With the free options that are available and the accurate information they provide, there’s absolutely no reason for using a paid service. Be on the watch for pay services being scams, or having viruses attached to software downloads. I don’t recommend using any paid service; especially ones that require computer software downloads.

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What It Could Mean For Your Suspicions

Using a free reverse directory when you suspect a cheater is often a quick way to find out if that unknown number is legitimately a friend from work or if there’s greater cause for concern. Whether it’s a local interest that they could be spending extra-unaccounted time for, or if this is the reason there’s a ton of extra miles on their car driving a few towns away for weekly visits.

Make sure you are confident when using free reverse directories online. Many of them will need to be double checked or backed up by different references. If you want to approach your cheating spouse or partner, you will need to have the proper evidence ahead of time so that you can know for sure what the real scenario is.

For more information and helpful tips on cheating spouses, check out our cheaters apps home page.

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