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When you’ve had the urge to check your significant others phone it’s really hard to fight it off. A boyfriend or girlfriend that leaves their phone lying around is just as much subject to such snooping as any other. However if you suspect your boyfriend, or wife is being unfaithful in your relationship, anything on their phone can hold detrimental information.

Location tracking is the best way to determine if your boyfriend is really where he says he is. A husband that is conveniently late, a girlfriend that goes out to run errands for hours on end, anyone who refuses to answer their phone most of the time, or makes excuses that they were out of reception or the phone was off. Not just mobile phones either; many devices including tablets are all tied to locations services now as well. Using these systems built into the devices allows you to in the least establish that the potential cheater is where they say they are.

While SMS tracking is a snazzy way to see what your spouse is saying and to whom. All of the apps listed here aimed at SMS tracking are remote. Imagine if you could scroll through the texts on their phone without having to physically have their phone. That’s what the biggest deterrent is right? Having to get a hold of their phone or device and go through their messages. Just the same as logging in to one of their social media accounts, it’s really not something you want to do when you’re also risking the chance of being caught red handed.

The following list has a few cheating apps for Android devices and a few cheating apps for Apple devices so you have a few options between whatever device your potential cheater prefers. 

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  1. SMS Tracker Plus

Claiming to be one of the most complete remote texting and phone tracking systems available for Android devices. This is a free trial but allows you to easily upgrade to the pro version when the trial runs out. The great thing is, this lets you log in to the website on the computer and view all of the logs from any text messages sent or received. Enabling you to see this in your own time and at the leisure of your computer 

  1. GPS Phone Tracker Pro

Originally intended to track family and friends tracking. Based to meet the needs of parents concerns for their children’s whereabouts and safety. This is great to see at a quick glance of your phone to see where the connected users are at location wise. This does have to be installed directly on to the Android device, it is free though so that’s definitely a plus.

  1. GPS Location Tracker For iPhone and iPad – Standard

For Apple devices this GPS location tracker does exactly what’s in the name. It’s available for $3.99 and is a quick download.

  1. Teen Safe

This is the greatest catchall and available for Apple devices. It tracks everything. All the call logs, text messages including deleted messages and iMessages. On top of offering everything that these other apps do, it also offers tracking of all call logs, message interfaces such as Facebook and browser history. This was intended as the name dictates to keep teens safe and put parents at ease. It works even better for cheaters.

  1. The Truth Spy

This is definitely the most expensive app on this list, but it is for both Android and Apple devices. It is also the most extensive app we’ve seen when it comes to recording, monitoring and tracking.

With this cheating app, you have access to basically everything on their phone. Call logs with recordings, text messages, pictures, social media activity, and GPS location.

The Truth Spy app also hosts a unique feature ‘Ambient Listening’ where it detects and records sounds happening near the device. One of the more invasive apps designed for family safety however also one of the easiest to work with in this situation. You can monitor and control everything from your mobile device, you do not have to log in to a computer or ever get a hold of their device. It is also completely undetectable on their device so they’ll never know its there. This is definitely recommended for those thinking that their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse has something to hide.

How to Hide Apps on Android

So on Android, this is really easy because it was designed to really hide apps selected by the user. Such as those terrible one’s that come per-installed on the phone and you can’t uninstall it. That’s what this was made for. This will also work flawlessly if the device user isn’t overly great with technology. An average skill level and they’ll never go looking for this option. From your home screen go to your app drawer. Then hit the menu key and in the pop up menu selector choose Hide Applications. Then all of the apps will have little check boxes next to them and just select the payware app you just installed.

How to Hide Apps on Apple Devices

While there are methods to hide ‘all downloaded’ or some of the base preinstalled features the best method to hide a single app is to stow it away in a folder. So hold down the icon on the screen until it starts to shake, then move it over another app you’re okay with hiding that they’ll never notice. Then drag these over to another screen. Label the folder something the device user wouldn’t care about.

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While there’s some risk that they’ll move over to a blank page they didn’t create and go poking around in this folder we highly recommend installing apps for Apple that are meant to download as ‘Invisible’. Jail broken phones will allow you to download another app specifically for hiding installed applications. The ones that you can install and monitor completely as a third party though such as The Truth Spy or Teen Safe are really the greatest because you don’t have to mess with their device so directly.

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