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How To Catch Him For That Missing Child Support

You’ve been trying to reach out to your baby daddy only to be met with one duck & dodge after the next. Before you know it he’s skipped town and you’re left wondering what comes next. Well let me just say that you have options and catching up to that dead-beat dad isn’t as difficult as you might initially think- let’s talk about a few ways to help you catch up to him so he can handle his responsibilities like a real man… even if by force.


Find him in his usual habitats

Your first stop should probably be checking all his usual spots. See if he’s hiding out at his mother’s house or perhaps with some good friends. I understand that they’re probably not going to just give him up but you can at the very least talk with them briskly to let them know that you would like to speak with him to hopefully sort this all out in a civilized manner and that if he doesn’t wish to go about it in that way you’ll be forced to hand the case over to the legal system and they sure as heck will- and he really won’t like it when his wages are garnished for child support or worse!

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Check out what he’s up to on social media

Let’s be real for a moment here shall we? Chances are darn good that if he’s dodging you then you’ve been blocked on his Facebook to keep you from spying on him. The question now is do you have anyone in common who might be willing to help you, somebody he hasn’t yet blocked? Maybe you can collaborate with them in the event he starts giving up clues about his location. On the other hand if you happen to know where else you might find him on other platforms then you could keep track of those or hand them over to authorities and let them take the case on. Here is an awesome tool to help track down other potential accounts he might be on.


Get his butt on TV


If you simply don’t have the budget to handle tracking him down then you might have a better chance hitting up a talk show that’s know for handling things like this. They have the budget for it so if you’re willing to potentially drag him on daytime television and of course let yourself be seen in the process, then this could be a rout to consider.


Let the professionals handle it

If you’ve tried to do things your own way and it’s just not working then you might need to head over to the courthouse that issued the support order initially and file a complaint to get the authorities involved. If it turns out that he’s moved across state lines then it might be worth the investment to get a private child support collection agency involved.


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